She’s coming…

She’s coming.

I realised in December that I cannot manage the mad juggle of life without some extra help. I simply cannot keep on top of all the basics whilst being a working mum. I just don’t have the capacity. Other people seem to cope with working, parenting and keeping their house clean and tidy. I can’t. I don’t feel guilt any more. It’s ok to need help to function in a way that works for us.
So for Mother’s Day this year, I was gifted a house clean. 6 hours of cleaning. I asked for it, I was excited. It made me happy. Then I realised that that wasn’t going to be enough. We need regular help.

Cue some calling out on social media and WhatsApp and today is the day…

She’s Coming.

5am, wake up. She’s coming.

Lie awake panicking about the state of the house.

She sounds very efficient, and in fact somewhat scary in her sms messages organising to “come and see if you are suitable for my schedule and if your house is ok”.

What do we need to do, to make the place not look scary, that she takes one look, and leaves?

What bits of the house need her attention most.

I need to get up NOW and tidy.

Fall back asleep.

7am. Wake up. She’s coming.

I need to vacuum the whole house, declutter every surface, clean the bathroom, remove the traces of cat litter that seem to be ALL OVER THE WHOLE HOUSE (how??) and banish the children for the rest of the day, so they don’t make any mess.

10am. The bathroom looks less like a health hazard.

11am. The husband is questioning my sanity. “Why are we cleaning the house, if someone is coming to actually clean it for us?”

Me: “because she needs to see we don’t live in a hovel, that it’s manageable, and she’s charing a reasonable rate. She’s highly recommenced and she’s kindly squeezing us into her schedule, and THE HOUSE IS A MESS!”

Husabnd: “The kids and I will go out, then?”

Me: “Yes, after you have helped me tidy, and we have done a room walk through”.

At this point, I am pretty sure he is rolling his eyes at me, a lot, he just isn’t letting me see that he is.

She’s coming!

Cram things in cupboards, make all beds in hotel style fashion. Sweep up cat litter AGAIN.

Spray essential oil air freshener in bathroom.

Check cleaning supplies.

Panic some more.

She’s coming.

Will our house be ok?

We shall see.


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  1. My house is never as tidy as it is the morning before my cleaner comes!! He always comments that its always tidy…I feel like saying, you should have seen it first thing morning!

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