Spotty’s Sunday (12th May 2019)

Welcome to Spotty’s Sunday. This is the  gecko corner of our blog, shared by Matthew with a little help from his mum.

Spotty the Gecko has come to live in our house. 
Facts about Leopard Geckos

type: leopard gecko, their scientific name is Eublepharis macularius and they are called Leopard gecko because of their markings and spots

food they eat: crickets/mealworms and other invertebrates. We are feeding Spotty small crickets called hoppers. He is eating 2-3 a day.

natural habitat: America/India\Middle East

live babies or eggs: they lay 1 to 2 at a time. We think spotty is a boy so he won’t be laying any eggs.

Did you know that leopard geckos are one of the few types of geckos that have eye lids and they can blink, too.

Did you when startled and tries to run away? If you grab it by its tail it will drop it and  it will scream!!! We are are being very gentle with Spotty and letting him get used to us, and we haven’t tried to handle him much yet and we don’t want to frighten him or make him loose his tail.

You can see a little video of me, with my hand in his terrarium, which is his special tank, letting him walk around and get used to my hands and what they smell like, so he gets to know me. My mum has done this too, so Spotty gets used to her as well.

Come back next week, to see what Spotty has been up to, and how we and he are getting on.

You can also follow Spotty’s story on Instagram too. 

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