Me and Mine – October 2019

Welcome to our end of the month, snippets of life round-up of what we have been up to. Me and Mine. 

October has treated us quite kindly, and we are ending a rather nice half term, that has had far more lovely moments or just seemingly sane and normal moments. More on that in another post.

It’s been a busy, eclectic and fun month, rounding up Autumn as we head into winter, with darker days and colder weather.

We have been to Ipswich and back, the boy has done over 45 hours of ballet this month, including a trip to London and the Royal Ballet School, we have had autumn walks, pumpkin gathering (if you can call squabbling in the supermarket over who gets the biggest pumpkin any kind of pumpkin hunt) and carving, family bowling outings (and we found out that Dad is REALLY crack hot at bowling and a bit competitive with it too) trips for hot chocolate, visits to the circus, cooking lessons with mum, chats with dinosaurs, and lots of normal life in between.

We are rolling into November and Christmas is slowly creeping upon us. Not that I am sad about that, I love all things Christmas related and am counting the days until I am allowed to put our Christmas tree and decorations up (he’s agreed the 30th November, watch out for ALL the Christmas decorating spam from then on)

I am also ten days into using my SAD lamp, and thinking it might be helping. I had my first vitamin B injection last week (ouch) so we shall see how that goes and if any of it makes a difference to how I feel about winter.

Don’t forget to check our Stuff we Love for October too, for things we have loved and liked.

We hope October has been as kind to you, as it was to us.



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