Old school style and proud with Casio watches…

My children call me old school, and sometimes even infer that I have been around since the dinosaurs walked the earth (charming!) but I prefer to call myself “old school style and proud” for certain things and whilst I am a huge lover of gadgets and things that help keep me organized that are technology orientated and I rely on my iPhone, AppleWatch and various other gadgets to keep me on track and juggling life, I do like to take a break and disconnect.

When I go on holiday and want to take a break from life and everything that we think we need to be connected to but don’t really, I like to go old school, and that means I ditch my “does everything” iPhone and reach for my trusty Nokia which literally does texts and calls, and now I have what my children regard as an “old fashioned” watch.

If you are as old (dinosaur-like, thanks kids) as me or older you might remember Casio digital watches. My dad had a fancy one, and I had a black one. They were THE technology in their day. And now they are back and trendy again for those of us who want a watch that’s just a watch but with a few extra bits.

Old school style and proud...

Of course, mine is PINK. Did you think I would have any other colour?

Shaped in an iconic Casio design, this watch features a digital display, stopwatch, and an LED backlight. The watch is housed in a durable resin case. Suitable for everyday styling.

I love it and it’s perfect for going on holiday as a fun, funky and practical watch. My kids think it’s pretty cool, even if they tell me I am not as trendy as I like to think I am. I don’t listen to them… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. We had an old rotary phone that the kids thought was strange. They donโ€™t know a time without mobiles!

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