What should you pack in your hospital bag?

This is a collaborative post where we are delighted to be working with Natural Birthing Company about What should you pack in your hospital bag? By Founder of Natural Birthing Company Jane Mason.

I would recommend preparing your hospital bag a few weeks before delivery date, perhaps 2-4 depending on how organised you are! There is so much to
think about and if this is your first baby it’s hard to know what you will and
won’t need.
What to pack on your hospital bag for labour?

What should you pack in your hospital bag

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  1. Birth plan/preferences & don’t forget your handheld pregnancy notes.
  2. Whatever you plan to wear in labour – thin nightie/large t-shirt
  3. Bed socks to keep your feet warm
  4. Slippers – ones that are easy to slip on
  5. Hair accessories to help keep it out of the way & keep you cooler
  6. Lip balm – all that breathing, especially on gas & air, gives you dry lips
  7. Something to wear in the pool (if you prefer not to be totally naked)
  8. Cooling spray & flannel to keep you cool and refreshed. (Check out our ‘Cool It Mama’)
  9. Massage oil – massage in labour is known to reduce pain & anxiety. (Our ‘Relax & Breathe is
  10. Phone charger – you know you’ll forget this unless it’s mentioned!
  11. Energy boosting snacks & drinks for both of you
  12. Music – relaxing – you’ve seen those dancing women in labour right?!
  13. Drinking straw – makes it easier to drink in labour
    What to pack in your hospital bag for after labour
  14. Plastic bag for any dirty/wet clothing (unless you just want to ditch it!)
  15. Small bath towel for you to shower after labour
  16. Overnight toiletries – body wash, face wash, toothpaste & brush etc
  17. 1 pack of Maternity pads – (the soft thick ones are best)
  18. Few pairs of big Bridget Jones style knickers (buy a cheap pack of 3) (helps to hold your pad in
    place & covers over your wound if you have a c-section) – avoid paper pants they’re just not comfy at
  19. Nursing bra or comfortable non-wired supportive bra
  20. Thin nightwear with easy access if breastfeeding – bear in mind you may have to walk to the
    bathroom in view of other women’s visitors so you might like to throw in a thin dressing gown.
  21. Earplugs & sleep mask – hospital wards can be noisy and bright! 9. Something to soothe the
    aftermath of labour – try either our “Pure Bliss” or “Bottoms up”

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What should you pack in your hospital bag

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  1. Sanitary towels, underwear, snacks, drinks, books, magazines, wash bag, music, fan, nightie, dressing gown and a change of clothes as I considered all of these essential for my needs.

  2. Due in the summer so definitely want to get a portable fan! Also you forgot all the bits for the baby on this list, I may need a few bags at this rate…

  3. Total newbie, I have been advised some disposable knickers and something comfy so those are the only things I have so far. Scouting posts like this for advice 🙂

  4. I am making sure to remember a phone charger! It’s a must for current times! Would love to pack some of the products in your giveaway too 😉

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