26/03/2020 – Coronavirus & Life as we now know it.

Unless you live somewhere were Coronavirus hasn’t landed (and I am not sure, but I think there are a handful of countries who haven’t faced it yet) then like us you may be adapting to a new and what seems like strange life as we watch and wait to see what happens. Life will go back to normal, at some point, but for now, we are living differently. This is our daily update on how things are going for us.

Our current situation is Dad is working from home full time and thankful for technology that allows him to do that, Mum is semi-working whilst she waits out the pandemic, due to her work being public-facing, and the kids are at home. One is homeschooled by Mum and the other is doing online work via her school that is currently closed. We are not in lockdown yet but have been advised not to go out unless it’s very necessary in order to prevent the spread of infection to others (we don’t know if we have had coronavirus, and also we don’t really want to get it)


We skipped a day yesterday. My anxiety has been very high in the last 24 hours, I am not sure quite why. I am trying to get a balance of things, but some days it is harder than others. I think not being able to go out and about is affecting me, although I know this has to happen to keep everyone safe.

The good for today

Our new trampoline net arrived and we got it set up, which means now the kids can go out in the garden and use the trampoline. It’s a brilliant way for them to burn off energy and frustration and also do some exercise. Our exercise bike also arrived, which will hopefully be fun to use to help us all stay vaguely fit.

We are still enjoying our gingerbread cookies that we made earlier in the week, and it’s nice to have something sweet to treat ourselves too.

Homeschooling and supervising the teen is going well and both kids are managing to get work done with very little drama. The teen is doing online learning and work set by her teachers and is working hard every day.

Washing being hung out to dry. A small thing, but having sunshine and good weather helps to get it dry faster and it’s not festooned around my house whilst we are all at home. Long may it last.

The not so good?

My anxiety. Not much more to say. Taking each day as it comes seems to be the only way forward right now, and I know I am not alone in struggling with that. Let’s just say that coronavirus and I are not best friends from a point of view of anxiety over health issues and leave it there for now.

Twitter armchair warriors and people suddenly becoming experts on all things relevant to the situation we are in. I have had to take a break from my main Twitter account for now to ease some of my mental health stress. I have a small private account which I am finding helpful to chat and keep up with people though.

Sore hands. My hands are very sore from washing them. Being at home means I don’t have to wash them as much, but I still wash them after parcels arrive and as usual good hygiene practice and they are struggling. I would love some ideas for how to help them if anyone has them.

So we carry on with life in lockdown and we wait to see if we can beat this virus. Coronavirus is certainly making history, I don’t think anyone will be sad when things start to get better.

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  1. So sorry you are not doing well with your anxiety. Sending love and hugs.
    Hooray for the new trampoline. I’ve bought a few things for the garden to keep my two busy although I was told off by someone on Twitter for buying non-essential things in this time of crisis! Ugh! Have you tried muting words on Twitter. I did and it made it a much nicer place x

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