Celebrating a Birthday in Lockdown

Celebrating a birthday in Lockdown was not what we expected. A birthday in lockdown was not the plan. My boy turned ten this weekend and we didn’t expect to be where we were. Last year we spent his birthday and birthday weekend with his dad in the hospital, seriously ill with myocarditis, and we were determined to make this year up to him. Coronavirus changed our plans, and the lives of many as 2020 turns out to be a very interesting year for the world.

He has been amazing about it. Far more gracious and accepting than I have, in fact. I have cried a few tears in private about not being able to have his freinds over to celebrate, and his plans (he wants to go to the zoo and Build a Bear) and that we can’t see the people we love in person on his birthday. He has had the odd wobble, but we have helped him by letting him make a birthday shopping wish list, and family and friends have sent him gifts through the post, so he hasn’t missed out. He has also been focusing very carefully on his plans for when we are safe to go about some semblence of normal life and what he wants to do which has helped him to not focus on the day itself being not as we planned. We have talked about how this is something EVERYONE is doing and this is not just him celebrating a birthday or a special event in lockdown and thankfully we have the tech to be able to video call people so he can still be sung to and celebrated.

We made a cake, thankfully I am person who always has a stockpile of flour because I bake a lot, so we had the flour and other ingredients we needed despite shortages in the shops. We managed to get eggs, and we created a jaffa cake cake, as was requested. We adapted a recipe based on a few I have found whilst browsing.

We have been determined to make the best of life in lockdown where we can and still celebrate the moments in life that should be enjoyed, even if they are not as we planned or anticpated them. He knows he is loved, and we have made the effort to make it his day, with his favourite foods, letting him choose the movie he wants to watch and lots of love.

It’s not easy, but we have made it work.

Here’s to not what we expected and a birthday in Lockdown.

Birthday in Lockdown
Ten years of this boy. Light and joy. Happy Birthday

He’s an amazing person who brings us much joy and light. Last year, life as we know it took a very dramatic change on his birthday, this year, has been harder, but we have learned to make the best of what we have and celebrate. I have promised him a trip to Paris next year, let’s hope we can pull it off.

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  1. That sounds lovely, especially the cake. A d this way he gets to celebrate again. My daughter plans her fifth birthday party every day at the moment. It’s in October. I just hope she forgets all the details by then. Or they at least become more realistic. The other day we baked some cupcakes and she wanted to save them for her party! I said they could be a practice. It’s hard to make lockdown feel like a special occasion but it sounds like you had a special day. #StayClassyMama

  2. I am so sorry things went wrong for you last year. I do know the feeling of looking forward and planning for a special birthday for it to go wrong. I was supposed to be in Paris with my daughter for her 16th last month and was so gutted it all went wrong and also to be apart from her when Fate brought me to another country just as lockdown happened. So I feel your pain but we need to be strong and just make the best of things I guess. My daughter was thrilled with a cake, balloons and cuddly toy package I had delivered for her. Paris this time next year? #StayClassyMama

    • Glad she had an ok day. It’s hard to have lovely plans changed but life will get better and we can make it up to them, at some point!

  3. Zach had his birthday last month and Matthew and I have May birthdays. Not really sure what to expect. We usually have a day out and a meal, see family etc but obvously not possible this year πŸ™ #stayclassymama

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