Tough but cool sunglasses for kids from Suneez

*Suneez kindly asked us if we would review their sunglasses. We jumped at the chance so this post is based on a kindly gifted item*

Sunglasses for kids can be a bit of a pain frankly. You can buy cheap ones that won’t last long because they break, or you can worry about buying slightly more expensive ones that might get broken (and lost, kids loose things)

Suneez might be the answer, or at least we think it might. Their sunglasses are very clever and solve almost all the usual issues.


They make tough, durable but cool looking sunglasses that are created to protect kids eyes from the harmful effects of sun, but also are practical at the same time and they look good so kids will want to wear them.


Suneez Say: As adults, we often spend lots of money on sunglasses to make sure we have the optimum protection for our eyes, yet when it comes to our kids we don’t place the same importance on their optical health. Children are actually more susceptible to damage from the sun’s rays due to their eyes not being as developed as adults. The main reasons for skimping on kid’s sunglasses are

  • that they’ll either break, get lost, or don’t offer adequate protection. That’s why we’ve created Suneez:
  • Virtually unbreakable: Suneez are made from a flexible material allowing them to bend without snapping (believe us, we’ve tried!).
  • Virtually unlose-able: We’ve included a handy silicone strap, so they won’t fall off your child’s face.
  • All protecting: Suneez block 100% of harmful UVA / UVB rays up to and including UV400! The lenses are polarized for crystal clear images which cut through glare and give thebest clarity.
  • We’ve also included a microfibre carry pouch which cleverly doubles as a cleaning cloth.

But what do we think?

Our boy is often hard to please with things like sunglasses, he has some sensory issues so bright sunshine on his face does bother him a lot, and he’s always asking to borrow my (ahem, expensive, designer sunglasses) so he was keen to try these and see if they worked.

They fit comfortably, and because they have the headband, you can wear them snugly, they don’t fall off and they can also be worn on his neck when he wants to take them off so they don’t get put down and lost. That’s a big win.

They are flexible and bendy so they do not break easily. We did test this a bit and it’s true. So if you sit on them by mistake, or they get dropped or are in a bag they won’t come out damaged and broken. Add that to the win box.

They fit really well and are comfortable to wear and shade eyes from light. More win.

And they look cool and my slightly fussy about these things boy is happy to wear them.


Matthew says “they are very comfy, and I like them, they look cool, and I can’t loose them easily, and they stay on my head and face. I love these and now I have something to wear on sunny days”

That, for us, is the biggest win of all. Maybe instead of him trying to borrow MY sunglasses I will be asking to borrow his….? 😉

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