The pros, cons, good and bad of wearing a face mask

This is a tongue in cheek but possibly hopefully informative post about wearing a face mask as we face Covid19 and it’s continued havoc causing travels across the UK and the world.

There is evidence that normal people wearing masks can help to prevent the spread of Covid19. This is a contraversial subject much debated all over social media, but as someoen who has spent time in Asia and also has family there, I know that masks are worn as standard when someone feels unwell or it’s flu season, and it has been conncected with soem slowing of the spread. The WHO has some guidance on mask wearing that is helpful and the US CDC has info on how wearing masks could be helpful.

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As we ease out of lockdown, and takin getting back to normal at the pace that works for us we are wearing cloth masks, as recommended when we are in shops, on public transport, and places where we can’t social distance from other people.

There are some good and bad things about wearing masks so we thought we would do a bit of a summary, partly serious but also partly humorous.

The good:

Wearing a mask? You can skip wearing makeup. Or at least for most of your face. Also, if you happen to own a pair of fabulous sunglasses, you can don those and a face mask and no one can see how tired you might look or how much or how little effort you have made with your face. Sadly its doesn’t hide hair issues, but you can’t win them all.

You can also hide your facial expressions. So if someone has REALLY annoyed you, you could, in theory be making, ahem, rude faces behind a mask, and they will never know.

Masks obviously offer you some protection from germs and bugs. Also smells.

Whilst it isn’t always fun to wear a mask, you can make them fun. Unless you are a medical professional or working in a job where you need a medical mask, cloth masks are better for the planet and can be worn safely. You can make your own or buy them from someone who makes them. You could match them to your outfit or be a bit wild and eccentric with your fabric choices. Just remember to not reuse them unless they have been washed and dried, don’t share them, and make sure you take them off properly so you don’t spread germs.

The Bad:

Masks are hot and can make you feel sweaty and uncomfortable. As somoene who used to wear them all day for work in hosptial there are some tips I have.

Don’t wear lots of make up, or sticky or greasy face lotions. Practice getting used to wearing a mask at home, and if you do feel hot or sweaty, keep some cool wipes in your bag to wipe your face with.

If you wear glasses use a mask with a wire in the top to help seal the mask around your nose. This stops your glasses steaming up as much and helps it feel more comfortable.

Breath down, and slowly. In through your nose and out of your mouth, downwards. Slow and gentle breaths. As you get used to the mask, this helps.

If you do feel hot and not comfortable, try and get to a place where you can remove your mask and take some deep breaths, wipe your face and have a cool drink.

Masks can make lips dry and sore, but also don’t work with lip gloss, stick or balm. Make sure you put something soothing on your lips when you are able to take your mask off.

Dental hygiene is a MUST. Trust me, I know this. Make sure you are keeping your mouth clean and fresh, have some mints to suck if needed. I promise it helps.

Masks can give you a false sense of security, so you need to remember not to touch your face, or the mask, and to keep hand hygiene practices up.

When you take your mask off, remove it from your ears, and do not touch the front. Place it in a bag or where it will be washed. Cloth masks can be washed in the washing machine and air dried.

DO NOT reuse used or share masks.

The only problem I have not found an answer to yet is how one drinks one’s coffee with a mask on, but I am sure someone will solve that one as we carry on wearing and getting used to them?

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Have you got any face mask wearing tips?

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  1. I’ve not been wearing make up during lockdown and will probably continue this way. i have put it on occasionally though just to brighten myself up. I have to fight hard not to touch the mask when I’m wearing and with several ear piercings, just taking it off is a bit of a battle, so often keep it on and drive home with it on lol. I have noticed you can tell if someone is smiling at you by their eyes, but I have found communication difficult in noisy places and it has been fun commenting on people’s behaviours and them not being sure if it was you or not. Thanks for linking with PoCoLo and hope to see you back later this week

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