Quick and easy shakes to get the day started with Purition

*This is a review post with Puriton on how I get the day started*

I am all for easy and quick ways to get the day started. I like fuss-free and simple. As a busy working mum, making my life less complicated whilst I run around looking after everyone else is my goal.

Breakfast for me is usually simple and on the go. I am not a big fan of sitting down to eat on a normal busy family morning trying to martial everyone out the door to where they need to be so I like something that I can enjoy that is nutritious, easy to make, and fills me up for the morning.

Purition Shakes which come in 6 yummy flavours are an easy way to get me started for the day.

get the day started

Purition is all about ‘real food.’ It’s made without compromise in small thoughtful batches using best-in-class ingredients from trusted farming communities.  Where possible we source locally whilst doing our utmost to reduce our unnecessary plastics footprint whilst creating zero food waste. Purition is made from a health-giving huddle of 7 natural whole foods (seeds and nuts) and a good-natured blend of vegetarian or vegan protein.Our products are high in protein, fibre and natural fat secured from plants, a perfect union of tasty all-natural ingredients and nutritional worth.

They come in 14 delicious flavours. I know sometimes peopel think that meal replacment shakes or smoothies can be a bit bland and tasteless but these really are yummy and easy to make up. Their shakes have interesting and fun flavours like pistachio which tastes just like an icecream and my particular favourite, the strawberry one.

They are easy to make up and if you add some ice make a deliciously refreshing drink. They really fill you up and are brilliant if you just want to get up, get the day started, and be on the go. Because they are put together with nutritional needs in mind, you know you are having something that is good for you too. They also have a vegan version if you need for lifestyle or food allergy needs which is very handy too. They are also great as part of a weight-loss or diet plan or if you are working on building your nutritional levels up as part of a health plan.

So if like me, you need something to get the morning started, but without compromising on taste or nutrition, then these are well worth adding to your morning routine.

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