What a meal plan for losing weight looks like for me

I shared two weeks ago about working with Optibiotix and using their scientifically-backed meal replacement plan to help me with losing weight, getting back into better eating habits, and feeling better health-wise. Today I thought I would share what a typical day looks like and how I am getting on.

losing weight

It’s going well and the basis for their plan is that you feel full and are not starving yourself in between meals. Keeping things simple and easy and making you feel full and content between meals helps.

So for me, a day looks like this…

Breakfast – a pot of cereal, balanced and easy to eat, in a mostly recyclable container, and handy for taking to work if you eat breakfast at work.

Lunch – a shake. These are smooth and creamy and easy to make up and drink.

Snack – a snack bar and a cup of coffee (with a little oat milk)

Dinner – a balanced meal of protein, veggies or salad, and some carbs but keeping my portion control sensible.

No sugary snacks and I am not drinking alcohol in the week and having a glass of wine or a nice gin and tonic at the weekends.

I am also trying to move more again. Walking more, and getting back into running. Finding time to do this is tricky with kids at home but I am working around that.

So far so good. Losing weight slowly and sensibly. 1.5lb a week.

It works well for me because I don’t have to meal prep, meal plan or think too much about food, and I am still enjoying a good meal in the evening and the snack bars help when I need a boost and a “sweet” treat with a cup of coffee and five minutes peace hiding from my kids.

Next week I am going to talk about my love hate relationship with exercise and how eating and weight for me is a health issue, not a “have to look thin to conform” issue.

Watch this space…

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