Ways to Relax When the Kids Finally Fall Asleep

*We hope this collaborative post with some ways to relax when the kids finally fall asleep is helpful. Parents and carers need self care time too*

For many working parents, their days consist of making meals in the morning, going to work, and then coming home in the evening to negotiate bath times and bedtimes. So, when the kids are in bed and the house falls silent, it is not surprising that many parents crave some relaxation time. Unfortunately, some of these activities can keep you up too late but here are some ways you can relax without staying up for too long.

Pour a Cup of Chamomile Tea

when the kids finally fall asleep

Sipping a cup of decaf is one way to relax instantly. Chamomile, in particular, has relaxing properties that can help you unwind while there is something about the steam that instantly puts you in a relaxed mood.

Watch a TV Show or a Movie

when the kids finally fall asleep

Many people enjoy a good movie at the end of the day. A movie can transport you to another world where you do not have to think about this one. This escapism can do wonders in helping you relax. Streaming services have made this very easy but remember not to pick a movie that is too long so you do not end up going to bed too late.

Sink Into a Massage Chair

when the kids finally fall asleep

Sometimes all you need after a long day is a massage, but with how busy our lives have become, that is not a feasible idea. The next best thing is a massage chair. A good massage chair should have material that is soft to the feel, very comfortable, and offers various levels of deep tissue massage depending on what you need for the day. The massage chair you get should also have a long warranty and be able to withstand the rigors of everyday use. If you do not know which massage chair models would work well for you, check out these top of the line models. All these models have something special and because this is a carefully curated list, you will likely find the perfect massage chair.

Take a Relaxing Bath

when the kids finally fall asleep

Soaking in the tub is a great way of ending your day. While relaxing in the tub, ensure you use soaps and gels that have scents that help you relax. These could be lavender-scented soaps or any other scents that will help you get rid of the day’s stress.

If you like, you can also listen to a podcast you like while taking the bath. This way, you will be able to do more than one thing and make the bath even more enjoyable.


when the kids finally fall asleep

If you have a home gym, exercising cannot only help relieve stress but it can also help you fall asleep faster. Yoga is the perfect workout before bed because it does not excite your body too much such that you have a hard time falling asleep. If you do not have a home gym, a simple yoga mat that you keep under the bed works just as well.

Play a Mobile Game You Like

Mobile games, much like movies, make you focus on one thing and help you relax because you are not thinking about too many things when you should be relaxing. Remember to play relaxing games like solitaire and avoid action-packed games that are harder to put down and that would make it harder to relax or fall asleep.

Writing and Journaling

Writing and journaling have been shown to reduce anxiety. This is because the act of transferring your thoughts to a physical medium makes it easier to deal with them and you will no longer have them bouncing around in your head while you try to fall asleep.


There are very few things that feel better for busy parents than finally getting the kids to bed and having a quiet house to themselves. You can take this time to try some relaxing activities that not only help you fall asleep but that can also improve your life somewhat.

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