Our week in photos – post-pandemic normal

Welcome to our week in photos and this week we slide back in to more post-pandemic normal and slowly adjust to life with a little bit more of the normal we remember as life in the time of corona continues but restrictions have eased a little.

We have had a fairly busy week and are still exhausted by it all. Who knew going back to normal would be so exhausting?

I think we have really taken life for granted and being able to do things we haven’t been able to has made us appreciate them afresh.

post-pandemic normal

Eating out. For the first time in six months. Our local pub has had a major revamp and new owners, we are keen to support them, particularly after Covid has been so hard for anyone running a business in the food and drink industry.

post-pandemic normal

We continue to do our twice-weekly covid tests and so far we have been ok. This is happening this week for me though and I am relieved and anxious at the same time. I have shared here why I firmly believe getting the vaccine is right for me. I know not everyone agrees but for me, it’s the right choice and I am glad. I hope I don’t feel too rough afterward but we will take that as it comes.

post-pandemic normal

Enjoying the blossom. This time last year, we were shielding and my daily walks were early in the morning, and very local to home, to avoid other people, but get me out for exercise and I didn’t get to see much blossom. I am taking ALL the photos of blossom this year to make up for it. It’s making walks anywhere very slow and annoying my family. I don’t care!

The rest of our week has passed in a blur as we manage school, homeschool, and activities and work. I guess we embrace the post-pandemic normal we had forgotten we love so much and hope that this is the last time we have to get used to being back to normal?

How’s your week been?

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  1. Getting back to the normal life is exhausting. It looks like you had a lovely meal out.
    Good luck with the vaccine. I hope you feel OK afterwards. Even if you do feel rough it feels worth it to know you are that little bit safer. x

  2. Lovely to be getting out and about, cutting out people and in my case family members who cause more drama than it’s worth is never easy, get your vaccine and stuff the rest. Lovely to see the sun shining in the UK is actually woram?

  3. Our garden trees are finally coming to life with blossom (I was a bit worried as Chris had majorly pruned them last year and they didn’t seem very active). I’ve finally got my invite to get the jab as I turn 40 at the end of the month, perk of getting older! #project365

  4. I must admit I have found getting back to normal just as exhausting!! My mind doesn’t seem to be able to process everything. We still haven’t eaten out locally it’s been impossible to get a table. I really need to sort this as want to support them too. Hope the vaccine went okay x

  5. So glad you ate out, make the most of the freedom I say just in case anything changes in the future. We need to fill our memory banks with lovely experiences, meals and trips to last. I have started doing the tests, I found it a bit complicated at first, but have the general idea now.

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