Our week in photos – my turn for the ‘Rona vaccine

This week has been a good one and most importantly, my turn for the ‘rona vaccine. A little rough around the edges but the week that I got my first Covid vaccine. I wasn’t expecting to be elligble for another few weeks and last sunday mornign decided to try the booking system, I don’t know why. It let me through and let me book. We realised the last tiem that they opened the booking system a few hours before they tell people they are elliigble in the criteria lists when they husband was able to book his a few weeks ago. So it was booked, I literlly cried happy tears when they jabbed me and even when I felt pretty crap for 48 hours post vaccine, I am still glad I got it. If it makes me safer to be around other peopel and stops me getting sick or spreading it then it’s worth it.

'rona vaccine

Once I felt better, we were able to go off and enjoy the Bluebell woods at Osterley Park, which was amazing and beautiful. The smell was amazing and it really was fields of blue/purple. Perfect for Instagram photos, of course.

'rona vaccine

I am FED up with the weather. It’s warm then it’s cold, it’s damp then it’s hot (that’s my version of Katy Perry, I won’t change my day job!) and this week I declared winter over and put my winter woolies away. If it snows this week, then you can all blame me. Sorry about that.

'rona vaccine

We also managed to start watching Line of Duty. I have so far resisted watching it, simply because I am not a fan of police drama, and I also have a very limited attention span for watching stuff. But I caved to peer pressure (because EVERYONE is on about it on social media) and we have watched series 1. So far, it’s ok. I am not quite sure why everyone loves it, but will keep watching for a bit longer to see if something clicks.

And that, as they say is that and our week. Two ‘rona vaccine done in our house and now we wait to get our second ones.

How has your week been?

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  1. That is great news that you got your vaccine. It is worth feeling rubbish for a couple of days to know we’re that little bit safer.
    The bluebells are so pretty.
    I am sick of this weather too. It needs to make it’s mind up. We have wintry, wet weather today. Ugh.
    I was thinking about watching Line Of Duty but seeing everyone’s reaction to the final episode last night has put me off. x

  2. Well done for having your vaccine. I think I’m going to cry too. I am still waiting, as I’m in group 11, but I am hopeful that I’m going to get my jab this month.
    Love the bluebells walk, it’s Instagram-ish indeed. 🙂

  3. I was thinking of giving up my socks for May but it has been too cold! Definitely not t shirt weather yet but I have dropped the cardigan 🙂 Glad you’ve had your vaccine #project365

  4. I’m glad you’ve had your vaccine now and hope that you are feeling much better after the side effects. Those bluebells at Osterley Park are beautiful. The weather has been all over the place lately, hasn’t it? #project365

  5. Sorry to hear you were a bit under the weather after the vaccine. The bluebells look amazing, I’ve missed them again this year, we have loads of clumps in the garden. The weather in the UK was a bit mad wasn’t it. Usually my winter clothing is for holidays only, soon it’ll be for every day wear.

  6. Thats great you got your vaccine sounds like you didn’t do too bad with the after-effects either. The blue bells look so pretty they are now all over social media. I was hoping to try and find some more today but the weather is terrible here. Leading me onto the statement I am totally fed up with the weather!

  7. Yay to you getting your jab. It’s always a relief isn’t it. Countdown to no.2. We’ve always watched Line of Duty, although for some reason the OH didn’t watch the last series. I watched it on catch up without him.

  8. So glad you have joined the vaccinated club! It made me very ill for a few days too, but I was still pleased like you to have been jabbed. Lovely bluebells picture, we went for a walk in the woods last week and was beautiful being surrounded by bluebells.

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