Some tips and ideas for better and cooler sleep

As I navigate the minefield that is menopause, one thing I have struggled with is sleep and cooler sleep at night is my quest. I have found some things that work for me, that I thought I would share here. Who knows, it may help someone else too.

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Bedding – separate bedding is a MUST

One of the first things I can HIGHLY recommend for cooler and more comfortable sleep is separate duvets if you are sharing a bed with someone. Honestly this has been life changing for me/us and means we don’t struggle with one of us being cold and the other hot, or vice versa. Swedish people do this, and it’s now becoming a more popular concept with many people. You choose the weight of the duvet that suits you and your bed partner chooses theirs and you both are as cool or hot as you need to be. It really works. We use Big Little Duvet bedding and it’s made things so much more pleasant and comfortable for both of us.

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Cooler pillowcases, also less frizz:

I read about using silk pillowcases to help keep you cooler at night, and also to help manage hair frizz and keep your hair smoother and less damaged. I must admit I was skeptical but I do love the feel of silk, so using a silk pillow case wasn’t a harship for me. I actually find it does help to keep me cooler, and more comfortable and it can help keep your hair smoother and also is supposed to be good with preventing signs of aging. I could definately use all of those things.

Sleeping on a Mulberry silk pillowcase helps you look younger by reducing fine lines & wrinkles and help with sleeker smoother hair no more bed head, wake up with hydrated glowing skin, whilst feeling cooler too.
They are not cheap, but if you want to pamper yourself at night, and feel cooler, plus the benefits of the silk on your skin and hair, then I would definitely recommend one.

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Blow the breeze:

I use a mini fan, by my bed. Partly for white noise but mostly for the cool air it sends directly to my face and upper body. This is super helpful when I do have a hot flush or wake up feeling sweaty and hot. I came across mini desk fans when we went on holiday to the south of France and were preparing for the heat there, and we picked up UBS plugin fans to take with us. You can find a plethora of mini fans for reasonable prices but I use this one* and it works well and can be cleaned easily. It’s not too noisy so it doesn’t annoy the husband. They claim to be silent but they do emit some noise but it’s minimal.

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Aromatherapise your space:

Yes, I know that isn’t a word, but it’s my blog and I will make up words if I want to. I can also say that making your room, pillows and bedding smell nice, using natural aromatherapy oils is soothing, and can be sleep inducing too. I find that a little spritz of soemthing that smells good and makes me feel good, relaxes me, and that always makes sleep a little more easy to attain. A favourite spray of mine is this one from Made By Coopers. It smells divine and is perfect for bedtime or if you are lucky enough to be able to grab a nap every now and then. A little goes a long way and it’s also a great gift for someone too. Lavender, chamomile and frankincense are all known for their soothing, wellbeing properties and the bottle looks pretty on your dressing table to.

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Hide from the light:

An eye mask that is weighted is a brilliant invention. They are even better if you can cool or heat them, either in the microwave or on a radiator, or frozen in the freezer. Perfect for when you have a headache or are feeling stressed, or like me, overheating in the night in bed. Add some aromatherapy essential oils for a gentle scent and sense of well being and you are good to go, to sleep, of course. Make sure it’s made of soft material, silk or satin is perfect and you have a simple but effective tool to help you relax and settle to sleep or grab a power nap. This is my favourite eye mask* at the moment.

Block out noise:

So noise isn’t really about menopause or being cooler sleeping habits but blocking out noise can help you sleep better. As a mum, I am often aware of sounds and noises at night at home, and have always been that little bit more alert for the children waking up and needing me (or a cat deciding to be sick, as often happens in our house, my life is just so glamorous isn’t it?) but now they are older and less likely to wake up, I find I sleep better if I block out noise (glares at husband, who I adore but would love if he didn’t snore, ahem, occasionally) and these silicone ear plugs*, from Beary Quiet, which you mould to fit your ears are brilliant for wearing comfortably at night.

Of course, sometimes sleep issues and dealing with menopause is not as simple as using basic tips and items for cooler sleep, so I would always say, that if you have tried some holistic ways to keep cool, calm and relaxed at night and they are not working, then you need to speak to a qualified medical practioner to see what they can advise.

But in the meantime, I hope these simple things are useful. They work for me, and keeping me cooler at night is definately producing more sleep, which is not a bad thing at all, just ask my husband and children… (aka, I am cranky if I don’t get sleep)

Have you got any tips or things you use for cooler sleep? I would love to hear them.

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