Popping fun with Squeeze Poppers!

As I type this,  my children are playing happily together (rare nowadays, the tween finds her little brother very annoying and he loves to wind her up, I spend a lot of time being mum referee) and there are sounds of laughter and even the occasional screech of joy. They have litterrally been up stairs, […]

Mother’s Day Giveaway and Gift Guide

Mother’s Day has come round again. I always get confused because my mother in law is in South Africa and they don’t celebrate on the same day as we do in the UK, and this one has come up on us fast. I think I am being made breakfast and being allowed a lie in, […]

6 Tips for Supporting Your Foster Child’s Mental Health

Mental health issues are common in foster children, particularly those who have experienced trauma, disruption, or adverse childhood experiences. As someone these children have come to trust and rely on, you are in a unique position to make a positive difference. Here are six key tips to help you support your foster child’s well-being: 1. Create a Predictable Routine […]

A Christmas Holiday Giveaway

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 2023 is on it’s way fast and the festive season has already started. We are delighted to be working with our lovely group of bloggers again to host a Christmas holiday giveaway for all our readers with some amazing prizes to be had. You can spoil yourself […]

Traveling for a Pet Picnic: What to Pack

One thing you can look forward to doing with your dog when time and weather permit is traveling somewhere new for a pet-friendly picnic. There are few things better than being able to enjoy the fresh air and green surroundings with your pup (perhaps with other dogs and dog owners in your company), chowing down […]

Keeping an indoor cat happy & healthy

Keeping an indoor cat can have it’s challenges but it can be done. We are both indoor and outdoor cat owners so here are some tips and hopefully helpful ideas from us on how to make it work. This post does contain some affiliate links that are marked with * for your reference. If you […]

Pocket travel game ideas

This is a collaborative post with some pocket travel game ideas from Hachette Board games that are perfect for taking on holiday, for when you are travelling or if you like having a smaller, easy to carry game to hand. (This post contains affiliate links, that if you click on and make a purchase, I […]

My Home Education group phobia

This post is part serious and part tongue in cheek and shares my journey around bad home education group experiences. If you run a home education group, please don’t be too offended, this is my story and I am sure not all groups are the same. If you follow us you will know we made […]