Loosing weight, getting in shape, looking after me…

Loosing weight, getting in shape, looking after me…

In 2016 I wrote about having lost a lot (52lb actually) of weight. I had worked hard, through sensible diet and exercise, to loose weight and get in shape, partly because my knee surgeon had told me to (it’s protocol to be told to loose weight in order to be physically able to cope with the knee surgery I needed) and also because I was, at 213lb, overweight, feeling unfit, fat, unhappy, and unhealthy. I have since then, had major knee surgery, not been allowed to run for a long time, dealt with some major life issues that affected our family, and changed lifestyles dramatically.

I love my food. I love to eat. However, I also want to feel healthy and happy. Being over a certain weight, for me, means strain on my knees and joints, makes me find it harder to exercise, makes me feel uncomfortable in my clothes, and there are health risks I face.

I have gained some weight back.

The husband’s recent health crisis, which he is now almost recovered from, has made us both aware that we want to live as long and healthy lives as possible, and for us, at the age we are, that means looking after ourselves better. For me, it means loosing some of the weight I have gained back, and also getting fitter again. I used to run 5km several times a week. Now I hurt when I run for the bus.

So, this week, it’s been back on the wagon.

I want to loose 20lb.

I can do it.

Portion control, lower sugar, less carbs and focusing on healthy meals and less comfort eating. Moving more.

It worked for me before. I need to just realise that food and I love each other, but if I want to feel good in my skin, and also better health wise, I need to loose some weight again.

I need to keep myself accountable. I plan to blog here.

I don’t use weight loss programmes or schemes. I do occasionally use meal replacement shakes and bars, because I find them handy on the go or in a hurry, but I find that portion control, exercise, sensible calorie deficit and being more conscious of what is on my plate, works for me.

So here goes.

I won’t be sharing my exact weight. I will be sharing my weekly updates.

Loosing weight, getting in shape, looking after me…

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