Working mum life and being organized.

*This is a collaborative post*

I am a working mum. I have been for most of my children’s lives. I have worked full time for an employer, and been self-employed. I currently run a small local charity as well as being a blogger so in reality, I have two jobs as well as managing family life and homeschooling my son.

That’s a lot to manage and frankly, it does feel like I am juggling a lot of plates.

I have to be brutally organized, and I also have to make sure that my working life is set up in a way that works for me.

working mum

It’s not just a question of managing, it’s making sure everything runs smoothly. So what works for me?

Writing everything down.

I make notes about everything. I have a work and personal planner and everything goes into that. Even if it’s a reminder or something simple. I make lists that I check daily and weekly and every day I go through those lists and tick off what I have achieved and what still needs to be done. This helps me to keep track.

Making technology work for me

I use a planner app on my phone which also syncs with my laptop, so I can pull up what I need to see in terms of schedule and if I change it on the laptop it changes on my phone.

We also have a family calendar that works across a cloud-based system so we are all synced up and if one family member has an appointment, event, or something we need to remember, it is all in one place. I have a private personal calendar that works that way too. I can keep track of the kids, anything the husband needs me to know about, as well as things like dental appointments, vet visits, family events, etc.

Practical office space

I have an office space at home and office space where I work. This makes things a little complicated as I work across two spaces. I tend to use my home space as a more relaxed and informal area and my office at work as a space for meeting people, keeping files, and a more professional front.

I share my office space so I need a little privacy for certain meetings, calls, and conversations. Setting up working space with acoustic furniture has been helpful for me to maximize space but also give me a little more privacy when I need it.

I also try to compartmentalize my working hours so that working life doesn’t interfere with home and family. Sometimes that isn’t easy, with the jobs I do, but it is something I do try to enforce. I have a work phone and a personal phone, which helps keep things separate.

These few things help me to keep track, juggle it all and maintain at least a moderate level of sanity as a working mum.

I am always keen for tips and tricks on managing things, so please do feel free to share them.

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