Our homeschool week 31st Jan – 6th February 2022

Welcome to our homeschool week and how I plan and work with our son to home educate him. If you follow us on our Facebook or Instagram you will know that whilst I have one child in school, I also home educate our son. This is how we do it.

our homeschool week

Last week was a bit of a write off. We had grand plans and a busy week ahead, but then a lurgy struck. Fortunately it wasn’t Covid (again, it seems like a long time since we had it in November last year, but I know we can get it again, although I would rather we didn’t) and we had a not so well boy on our hands for about five days and all plans cancelled.

He felt much better by the end of the week and was able to get back to activities, and we had a Covid test done anyway, just to make sure, so this week we try again and back to normal we go.

The beauty of home educaiton is that we don’t have to deal with attendance issues and being checked on by school if we miss days at school. There is no pressure to catch up with work, we just work on and carry on with our plans after missing a few days. If he’s really not well, I don’t pressure him to do any work, because who wants to work when you feel poorly? I certainly don’t. But if he feels up for some activity he uses apps like Mathletics and we watch programmes that he enjoys. He’s also become an avid reader and is working his way through the Harry Potter series, and he spent a lot of his time not feeling well, curled up on the sofa reading away, under a blanket.

Our week is fairly normal. We have a friend over in the week, who also is home educated and I plan to take them bowling which they both love. I usually play with them, and get thrashed soundly, which I try not to take too personally.

Monday – maths tutor time (we use Go Student and he loves his maths tutor, and she’s helped us manage maths as we navigate secondary school curriculum) and then he has a violin lesson and an art lesson. His dad will take him cycling and he and I have some plans to do some garden work as well.

Tuesday – he’s got some maths, geography, history and science work, then ballet class in the afternoon. He’s expressed an interest in starting to learn about World War 1 and World War 2, so we are starting to look at that, and as it’s a topic I am very interested in I am looking forward to working with him on that.

Wednesday – we are off to our put of trip to the Transport Museum and then he has ballet in Covent Garden in the afternoon.

Thursday – I will no doubt be beaten soundly at bowling by two tween boys and we will do some maths, french and literacy work too, and they will have some minecraft time together as well. It’s a busy day because he does his exam ballet class on Thursdays and also does Scouts in the evening too.

Friday – It’s dad’s turn to take over and they are studying physics and forces and they also do some RE/humanities work as well. He also has a singing lesson and swimming too, and he will be out at a local Youth Group.

This weekend – is also a ballet weekend, on Sunday, and he has gymnastics, French tuition, and a ballet PBT class too plus another playdate with a friend in the afternoon.

The kid has a better social life than his mum…

And that is our homeschool week. Let’s hope for no germs, and no covid tests needed.

As always, feel free to comment and ask about #howwehomeschool…

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  1. I am glad your boy is feeling better now. It sounds like even when he was unwell he was still learning with the apps and reading.
    It sounds like a great week of learning. Good luck with the ballet exam x

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