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Stay Classy Mama – Happy New Year.

Happy New Year. I am rather delighted to be joining up to host Stay Classy Mama with the lovely Loopy Laura and another new co-host MumofASquarePeg. It’s a fun weekly linky where you can add a parenting post that you would like to share, and all you have to do is add your link and […]


New Year, new me? Or not. Letting go…

Happy New Year. You might be reading this through a blur of coffee and recovery after enjoying a New Year’s Eve party or celebration, or you might like me, have gone to bed early, because you have kids who don’t sleep in (actually mine slept in ’til 8 am today, which is a minor miracle) […]


Thirteen is good – growing up fast.

Thirteen is good. Today she’s thirteen. It seems like so many years ago and not just thirteen, that she decided to arrive earlier than expected as my body also decided that it had had enough of being pregnant. She came into the world dramatically and changed my life, our life. She made me a mum. […]


Christmas Week 2019

I thought I would share a peek at our Christmas week. We did Christmas the way we wanted to. Last year, during what was a horrendously traumatic personal time for us, with some serious life stuff being thrown at us, we went away to France, sadly this year we didn’t have enough leave to do […]


The owls in my Christmas tree.

There are owls in my Christmas tree. Owl Christmas baubles, in various shapes and forms. Some handmade, some bought, some given. New ones are added and older ones are treasured. I am not an owl fan. They aren’t an ornament I would normally collect, but along with the precious and treasured collection of owls ornaments […]


After all, it is just only ONE day…

Christmas is a funny thing, isn’t it? A lot of hype, excitement, change in routine, new things, people, food, experiences good and bad. But it really is just only one day. Christmas is only one day. As I type this, my family is asleep. We had an early start. Excitement and anxiety, plus an injured […]


Brussel sprouts aren’t that bad…

It’s kind of a Christmas tradition in our house that we HAVE TO have Brussel sprouts. Some of us love them. Some aren’t so keen (ahem, the tween, who thinks being forced to eat any vegetables is torture, but reserves a special loathing for sprouts!)  They can be bitter, bland and boring and if overcooked […]


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