Budgeting for Your Children’s Sports Activities

*We hope this collaborative article on Budgeting for Your Children’s Sports Activities is helpful and informative* Sports activities are a crucial part of growing up. Enrolling your child in sports teams, groups and lessons has so many benefits. Childhood sports help your children to build strength and maintain a healthy weight, but they also help […]


Gluten-Free Orange blossom polenta cake

This recipe for gluten-free orange blossom polenta cake is easy, delicious and very moreish. It’s perfect for summer picnics or an alternative to other cakes and you can serve it alone or with ice cream (we use dairy free ice cream) Polenta is often used in savoury dishes but it works well in cake for […]


Our Daily Life 24/06/21

Somehow life skipped a few days and my daily check in and brain dump didn’t happen because life was happening too much for me to juggle. We ended last week with the teen jittery with steroids but able to breathe easier, then entered the weekend and this week with a very poorly cat. Layla is […]


Our daily life – 17/06/21

Today we did some normal and it was lovely. We spent time with another homeschool family at Hampton Court Palace, which is relatively local to us and a place we haven’t visited since before the pandemic started, in fact, since 2019. It is a lovely spot, and I could happily wander around for hours. The […]


Our daily life 16/6/21

Today, two 11-year-old boys beat me at bowling. I have not quite recovered from the ego-shattering episode that was… to be fair I have got a sore shoulder and I am sleep-deprived so I am blaming losing on that and not that they might have better hand-eye coordination than me and better bowling skills. It […]


Our daily life 15/06/21

The one where we avoided a hospital admission, just.  Today has been long. I’m super tired.  It didn’t go as planned.  I was meant to go to work, have lunch with friends I haven’t seen for 18 months and attend a meeting.  Instead, it’s been an asthma worrying day. The teen has asthma and most […]


Our Daily Life 14/06/21

It’s Monday again. We had a delightful if not a slightly exhausting weekend. I am slowly realizing that I am not as young as I like to pretend I am and whilst we thoroughly having guests over this weekend for a meal and a long-needed and awaited catch up, a 1:30 am bedtime is not […]


The perfect gift for cyclists to keep

*We were kindly sent this beautiful cycle map to review, it’s the perfect gift for cyclists to keep and treasure when they have completed their cycle goals* If you love cycling or have someone in your life that does, then look no further for a delightful gift idea for them, or for yourself. Maps International […]


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