A Summer Prize Giveaway from Top UK Bloggers

Welcome to our Summer Prize giveaway with some other brilliant UK bloggers, with a prize that will hopefully help you, if you win it, enjoy the summer break even more. Read below to find out more and don’t forget to go visit some of the other bloggers in the giveaway too. We all are delighted […]


Weird adult sites viewing your social media?

Social media, a place I love, and love to hate. I find it a great source of community support, and also a place where information and help are often better than in real life. But recently I have noticed something that has made me feel a little uncomfortable. If you have an instagram account or […]


Our summer holiday routine 2022

Sharing our summer holiday routine, which probably looks a lot different to other people’s routines. Read on for why. Most people relish the idea of the summer holiday, that long break between school terms. I hear my friends and colleagues talking about being able to relax, no school, no homework, no rushing around to activities. […]


Easy, tummy friendly home-made yoghurt

This is a collaborative post with Probio7 sharing how you can make tummy friendly home-made yoghurt at home, and how easy it really is. We eat a lot of yoghurt in our house. My daughter eats dairy yoghurt as a source of protein and my son and husband eat dairy free yoghurt. I have always […]


A perfect necklace for a cat lover

This is a collaborative post sharing about beautiful jewellery and a perfect necklace for a cat lover. It could be you or it could be for someone else. When my beloved cat Layla died, I searched for things to help me remember her and the memories we have of her. Whilst I don’t want to […]


Easy ice pops or slushies for kids & grown ups

This article does contain affiliate links. Clicking through and purchasing earns me a small fee. These links will be marked with * so you know when you are clicking. My kids love ice pops and slushies and these reusable ice pop packs from Nom Nom are brilliant for making them at home, and also saving […]


How To Create A Cat Friendly Home.

There are lots of things you need to do to create a cat friendly home, and getting a new kitten or adopting a cat is a big step. It’s something we have done three times now, and most recently with the newest edition to the house of Cats, Kids and Chaos… Thankfully Cats Protection have […]


Enter Tabitha, making us smile again.

Meet Tabitha. She is waking me up very early, and annoying Jasper, but she is also making us smile again. The loss of a beloved pet is something I knew we would have to face at some point, as Layla grew older. Despite her incredibly rocky start to life and health issues, she lived a […]


Vegan cheese recipe ideas with Violife

*This is a collaborative post with Violife, who kindly sent us some vegan cheeses to try* When the husband and I got married (my children like to joke that it was almost as long ago as when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, but it really wasn’t) I realised I was marrying a man with food […]


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