Managing a UTI at home

A UTI or urinary tract infection, is unpleasant, can make you feel very unwell and if not treated properly, can result in other serious medical complications. They are something I have dealt with for a long time, since my first experience of one during my first pregnancy. They can be very common and some people […]


Artificial Wisdom – Thomas R Weaver

Our review of Artificial Wisdom is written by someone else on the blog for a change. The book and it’s storyline are right up The Husband’s street and the kind of writing he enjoys so we handed over the book to him to read and share his thoughts on… (*This post may contain affiliate or […]


Traveling for a Pet Picnic: What to Pack

One thing you can look forward to doing with your dog when time and weather permit is traveling somewhere new for a pet-friendly picnic. There are few things better than being able to enjoy the fresh air and green surroundings with your pup (perhaps with other dogs and dog owners in your company), chowing down […]


How Cats Elevate Our Mood

Our pets provide us with happiness and comfort in the tapestry of life. Whether you like cats for their cryptic appeal or dogs for their unbounded excitement, it’s evident that pets significantly boost our spirits. Let’s look at how cats help us feel better and maintain our mental wellness. Routine Owners of cats admire how […]


Spicy roasted chickpeas

Chickpeas are like tiny powerhouses of goodness crammed into a little bean. They’re not just for hummus anymore. These legumes are pretty much rock stars in the world of healthy eating. So, why are chickpeas good for you? First off, chickpeas are packed with protein. You might think of protein as the stuff that helps […]


The Push Over – Daney Parker

I am delighted to review the Push Over, for this post. For your information, this content may contain affiliate links. These will be clearly market with AF* I love a mystery and there is nothing better than a murder mystery. The Push Over, by Daney Parker covers both of those things and is a gripping […]


Mirror Mirror – David Allot

I was kindly asked to review Mirror Mirror for this blog. There may be affiliate links shared in this post. These are clearly marked with *AF for your reference. Mirror Mirror, is not a fiction book. There are parts that you read that you wish were fiction, because you realise the tragic mess our care […]


Carpal Hyperextension in cats

Impact-Site-Verification: -1074450549 Until our boy cat Jasper badly injured his paw, I had no idea what carpal hyperextension was, let alone that it was something that cats might deal with. When he came home limping so badly he could barely put his paw to the ground without yelping in pain, I had no clue that […]


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