Quizlet – helping with learning & studying

We are always on the lookout for apps and resources that are helpful for homeschool, homework, and educational support and we recently came across Quizlet and have been trying it out. Quizlet was first devised in 2005 by Andrew Sutherland, at the time a 15-year-old high school student in California who needed a flashcard application […]


Crispy feta with chilli marmalade recipe

This crispy feta with chilli marmalade recipe might be ideal if you are looking for something easy but different for a snack or a meal. It’s a delicious combination of sharp, salty, and creamy feta with sweet, tangy, spicy chili marmalade. I serve this with oatcakes and it takes about 15 minutes to prep and […]


Are you drinking enough water?

Are you drinking enough water? I know haven’t been, but I am working hard to change that. When I say I don’t drink enough I don’t mean reaching for the wine at the end of the day. I actually mean water or other fluids that are good for my body. I try every day to […]


Easy & delicious Gluten-free cinnamon chips

This recipe for Gluten-free cinnamon chips is easy, and they are really delicious and moreish. They are great for lunchboxes, as a snack when you want something sweet and if you love Cinnamon Grahams then you will like these too. I am a fan of a certain American brand of cinnamon flavoured breakfast cereal, but […]


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