A birthday, being grateful..

A month ago today, the kids and I left this man in hospital. We were reeling from shock after having him admitted with what was initially suspected to be a heart attack, then a diagnosis of a virus in his heart.
The last four weeks have been hard. I think they have been some of the hardest I can remember for a long time. Having a suddenly healthy spouse become dramatically, urgently ill changes your view on life. Fear, what next, will things be ok?
I’m very grateful. When he came home, the first thing he said to me was “I didn’t know, when I left the house to go to hospital, that I’d be coming back”. I felt that fear for a good day or two, until we were able to see he was getting better and the hospital staff were able to reassure us that he would recover.
Life, I’m grateful for it. I’m grateful we finally managed to celebrated a birthday properly and that what happened a month ago is slowly becoming a memory.
I’m reminded that we need to appreciate what we have, and that life is fleeting and fragile. I’ve seen two friends loose their husbands recently, and I know that life can hurt us, at any given time, with no rhyme or reason.
I’m grateful he’s going to be ok.
My kids have been amazing considering the fair amount of stress they’ve been under with their dad in hospital then home but not really well enough to do normal for a while.
I’m grateful for family and friends who have held us up and supported us in all of this.
I’m grateful for people on social media who have been there in the middle of the night when I’ve been awake and anxious and been kind and just “there”.
I’m grateful for the perspective this unexpected life bump has given us.
I’m grateful we were able to enjoy something simple today. A movie and pizza. Processeco has never tasted so good!
It’s been a bumpy ride. I’m grateful for life.
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    • Thank you, he is on the mend now. It’s been long few weeks. He still has some cardiac follow up and has to take it easy for a good few months. It has been interesting being the wife of a patient and not a nurse for me, grateful for our NHS

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