Myocarditis and 9/10

*This post contains health information. It is also written with the consent and knowledge of the husband, we both hope this will be helpful as well as cathartic for us to share. All information linked is from the British Heart Foundation. This is not a sponsored post* Just over two weeks ago the husband was […]

How do we homeschool when parents are ill?

So, how do we homeschool when parents are ill? That is something I have been asked a couple of times, usually by people who have, the admitted advantage that they can still send their children to school when they themselves are unwell, rather than having to worry about looking after themselves whilst also making sure […]

Twenty Years – Looks like we made it?

They say that marriage is hard work. Before I got married I didn’t believe that. Twenty years in, I now know it’s true. Today, twenty years ago. We got married. We agreed to do life together. We actually did it twice…  I guess I would say that we have grown up. Twenty years. Two qualifications, […]

Gilbert’s Syndrome – diagnosis, why and what?

*This post is written from our personal perspective of Gilbert’s syndrome and is not medical advice. Please do seek qualified and professional support if you think you have a liver condition or Gilbert’s Syndrome* Shortly after the husband and I got married, when we were on honeymoon in South Africa in fact, he had a […]

Why we will be getting the flu vaccine as a family

We will be getting the flu vaccine this year as a family. I wanted to share our why. This is a post that is harder to write. Mainly because vaccines are such a hot button topic and so many people have strong opinions about it. It’s a bit like birth choices, breastfeeding, homeschool, parental discipline, […]

Taking a year. Taking time for us.

From May last year we declared that we were “taking a year”. We took time out. Why? Last year, we faced 2019 hoping that after what had been a brutal few months ending 2018, we would have a peaceful and gentle few months. Some issues we had dealt with had left us feeling bruised and […]

Reviving winter woolens with Ace for Colours

*This is a collaborative post with Ace for Colours and Mumsnet* I am usually quite organised with certain aspects of life, like keeping on top of things like sorting our winter clothes, getting ready for the seasons and spring cleaning. However this last spring the routine I normally have of going through our winter wardrobe, […]