5 ways to revamp your child’s bedroom

*We hope this collaborative post with 5 ways to revamp your child’s bedroom is helpful* If you’re looking to give you child’s bedroom a bit of a revamp, there are lots of tips and tricks you can implement to create a new look.  But which changes will benefit your child’s sleep?  And, most importantly, what […]

Gigantosaurus – the game. Fun for the whole family.

*This is a review post. We were kindly invited to try Gigantosaurus at home* My kids love new interactive games they can play on our computer and Gigantosaurus has arrived on the scene and is keeping us busy enjoying and exploring everything it has to offer. Brought to you by Outright Games, the leading publisher […]

Encouraging a teenager back to exercise after illness

Encouraging a teenager back to exercise after an illness or injury can seem daunting but this really helpful guest post from Ollie from The Sporting Blog has some great ideas and suggestions to help and it can be done. Our teenager has struggled with this after being very unwell over the past year and losing […]

Ways to Relax When the Kids Finally Fall Asleep

*We hope this collaborative post with some ways to relax when the kids finally fall asleep is helpful. Parents and carers need self care time too* For many working parents, their days consist of making meals in the morning, going to work, and then coming home in the evening to negotiate bath times and bedtimes. […]

Transformers Battlegrounds has landed…

Transformers Battlegrounds has landed. I grew up on Transformers. The TV series, the toys and the movies featured heavily and were popular as part of my childhood. Watching my children play the new combat game makes me feel very old but we are delighted to share this review of the game with you. Transformers, which […]

Raise your Game with Dementia UK

*This is a collaborative post with Dementia UK, a charity we are proud to support* Autumn is here. Longer nights, colder weather, and even more time at home with the family. Break up the boredom and screen time, with a few board game nights each week. There’s a board game for pretty much every age, […]

BEN 10: POWER TRIP – the adventure continues

*We were kindly asked to review BEN 10: POWER TRIP* We are big fans of Ben 10 the tv series so we are delighted to be able to play an adventure challenge game on our PC to carry on his adventures. The boy loves the new game and has had hours of fun exploring and […]

Be more unicorn with Fiesta Crafts

*Fiesta crafts kindly sent us a fun mask making kit that meant we could be more unicorn* If you are looking for something fun and easy for kids to do, with a little adult help, for dressing up or just to add some fun creativity then a mask from Fiesta crafts might be just what […]

Going to school practice with Melissa & Doug

If you have a little one going to school or going back to school, then you might be getting them prepared. Sorting out the uniform, teaching them to do basics like make sure they can do up their shoes, wash their hands properly, and all the little things that they need to learn to be […]

Nipper Affirmation Cards for children

*We were kindly sent some Nipper Affirmation cards to review and share about* Life can be very challenging for children, and as a parent, it’s my job to help them learn to process life, and navigate it’s challenges as they grow up. Sometimes that can be quite hard, and often it is “learn on the […]