Life with food allergies

Because life isn’t crazy enough with cats, kids, fish, hamsters and our busy life, we also deal with food allergies. 

The husband is allergic to cows milk, and all products containing cows milk, he also suffers from a non coeliac gluten intolerance. 

The small boy is also allergic to cows milk and all products containing cows milk so as a family, we don’t tend to eat cows milk or products containing cows milk and we avoid gluten, or I cook gluten free meals. 

The tween and I do break out occasionally and eat cheese but I mostly blog and share about living with food allergies and what works and doesn’t for us. We share recipes, product reviews, and brands we like. 

It hasn’t always been easy but we do manage to eat well and enjoy food and life. 

Join us to find out more…