Don’t harm the visiting spiders

It’s that time of year when the weather is getting cooler, leaves are falling, kids are back at school after the long summer break and spiders are trying to invade your home.  Every year, where we live, in September and October as the summer leaves us and autumn arrives, so it seems, so the spiders. […]


GAMMA: All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket.

If like me you enjoy the outdoors and being out and about on adventures in all seasons then you may be interested in this jacket from Gamma: All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket. The ultimate heated jacket: Graphene-infused, lightweight, waterproof, with 10 smart pockets. Created by Wear Graphene and designed to be stylish, but also practical […]


Santosha – the Art of Practicing Contentment

Often we think of yoga as being bendy or meditating, but did you know that the physical yoga we practice in the west is just one part of the practice? The overall objective of ‘yoga’ is to follow a spiritual pathway to enlightenment. The Asanas(poses) are one of eight points known as ‘The 8 Limbs of Yoga’, which is a moral guide arising from the Yoga Sutras, written by a sage called Patanjali around 3,000 years ago.  In […]


Make it yours and personal with Printster

*This is a review post, we were kindly sent some items from Printster in exchange for this post* If like me, you like fun and personalized gifts or items for yourself, and you also like quirky and fun, then you need to check out what Printster can do for you. “We have been producing perfect […]


Delicious creamy mushrooms on toast.

This creamy mushrooms on toast recipe is easy, delicious, and great as a filling breakfast, quick lunch, or supper snack. One of my children hates mushrooms but the other loves them and I am a massive mushroom fan and like to try all sorts of varieties and types. Mushrooms are very good for you and […]


MrsMactivity – homeschool learning resources.

*We are delighted to be working with MrsMactivity sharing some of her fabulous learning resources that we find helpful for homeschool* As a homeschool mum, I am always on the lookout for learning resources that help me plan, carry out and organize our learning at home. I use a range of sites, some recommended by […]


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