Get Mum Fit – back on the horse again

Welcome to Get Fit Mum and me getting back on the horse. Not literally, of course, because we don’t own a horse and I haven’t ridden a horse for a long time. But, me sharing about getting myself into better shape, again, after a long, long period of being inactive first due to knee surgery […]


Everyone needs good hair styling tools

We are big fans of Jose Eber hair styling tools and are delighted to share this review and giveaway. When you have long hair, curling and styling it, and keeping it looking and feeling good is important. My daughter has beautiful long hair and spends a lot of time making it look good. She is […]


How to Spot A Mum – the perfect book

*We were delighted to review How to Spot a Mum for this blog post* This is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. I’ll say that at the start of this piece of writing. How to Spot a Mum by Donna Amey Batt with lovely illustrations by Aura Lewis This warm and witty celebration of mums […]


Celebrate Valentines Day at home

*If you are celebrating Valentines Day at home this year, because you can’t go out, or go away, then we have some perfect suggestions to help make it fun, romantic and interesting. We were kindly sent items to review for this post* Being at home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day and it doesn’t […]


How to make bike storage a design statement

Sharing a guest post on bike storage and looking good on your bike by Catherine Bedford, Dashel Helmets. Cycle safety is a topic I am passionate about and being safe on your bike doesn’t have to be boring and neither does owning a bike. Cycling is growing rapidly in popularity as people try to take […]


When your kids are more tech-smart than you

It happens. As a parent, living in a time when kids have access to technology for both personal, and educational use, you realize your kids are more tech-smart than you. It’s happened to me. It probably happened a while ago, I was just in denial.  The reality is that my kids are more tech-smart than […]


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