Father’s Day Giveaway & Gift Guide 2023

Father’s Day 2023 is looming (is it just me or has 2023 gone really fast, and how are we almost halfway through the year?) and I have joined up with some other lovely bloggers to share a fabulous giveaway with some gifts the dad in your life might like as well as some ideas if […]


Learning public speaking skills

This is a collaborative post, which I hope is helpful to my readers about learning public speaking skills. If, like me, public speaking, or even the idea of public speaking, is something that fills you with dread, you may want to read on. I am not a natural public speaker and public speaking doesn’t come […]


Pet insurance is essential

I personally believe that being a responsible pet owner means that pet insurance is essential. Having any pet IS a huge responsibility. You have to be able to care for them, provide not only emotional care, but also physical care. Food, a safe place to live, and also make sure they stay healthy, or can […]


My version of Drug eggs or Mayak eggs

The title of this post sounds, as my kids would say “well dodgy” but it’s not what it sounds and is in fact a recipe for Drug Eggs or Mayak Eggs. What are Mayak Eggs? Why are they called Drug Eggs? They are a Korean dish, of marinated eggs, which are so delicious they are […]


10 ways to manage imposter syndrome

I have shared about my own struggles a little bit around Imposter Syndrome. This article by By Ian Child, author of ‘Your Own Personal Time Machine’ is really helpful and useful, and I hope it’s helpful if you are struggling or know someone who is. Imposter Syndrome is a persistent inability to believe that your […]


Is It Safe to Give Raw Food to Your Cat? 

This is a collaborative post sharing about the benefits and risks of raw food and if it is safe to give raw food to your cat. There are so many different options available today when it comes to feeding cats. From traditional kibble and canned food to homemade meals and even raw diets, pet owners […]


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