All my food allergy recipes in one place

I have a lot of allergy-friendly recipes on this blog I thought I would compile a list of the food allergy recipes we use the most in a post for easy access. Some of them are gluten-free, some of them are dairy-free, some of them are both. Some are vegan, some are just useful alternatives. These are things that we have found that work to replace meals or foods that normally people would struggle with.

Our gluten-free and dairy-free Yorkshire pudding recipe works every time, especially if you use the batter cold from the fridge into very hot oil to get fluffy but crispy puddings.

My gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan stuffing is a family favourite and easy to make.

food allergy

Roast potatoes without the faff of peeling? Covered here and I promise keeping the skin on makes them just as good as when they are peeled.

This chocolate mousse is dairy and gluten-free and easy to make and never fails to impress when I pull it out. It does contain eggs but is nut free.

food allergy

This potato gratin is cows milk and gluten-free and works well as an alternative to roast potatoes if you want a change or for using up leftover potatoes if you need to.

food allergy

This spiced muffins make a great alternative to Christmas cake or mince pies or for breakfasts, served warm.

Also this easy dessert might work too…

Hopefully, these are helpful. Food allergies and living with a food allergy can be challenging to live with but you can eat well and enjoy food and also cater to the needs of other people too. For us, it’s taken a long time to find things that work, and now catering for food allergies and food preferences does not phase me at all.

These are just some of our Food allergy recipes. We share a lot more on our Pinterest board, if you want to get some ideas and tips.

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