I love wearing a bra. Don’t hate me.


I love wearing a bra. There, I said it. Don’t hate me. 

I feel like the odd one out, in society. I am not someone who walks in the house and rips off her bra in delight. I don’t want to “free the boobies”. I actually hate being braless. 

I was one of those people in school who was a late developer. If you grew up in the 80’s era like me, maybe you remember “Are you there God? It’s Me, Margaret” by Judy Blume and the main character being desperate to both start her period and grow breasts to be able to get her first bra. That was me. In training bras, until I left school. I may have, ahem, even tried the “I must increase my bust exercises” – they didn’t work, I know now that you can’t exercise your boobs bigger, but at 13, I wasn’t as wise.

I love wearing a bra


I was a size 28AA until I had my children. I remember being pregnant and going to get some comfortable maternity bras and getting excited when they told me I was finally a 34A after years of being small chested. 

I also had a Kirsty Alley moment. About 4 days after birth, when my milk came in, from breastfeeding, I remember looking down and thinking “holy cow, I FINALLY have boobs”.

I went from a 28AA pre-babies to 34A during my first pregnancy to a 38DD after both babies. Even with weight loss, my boobs are not small anymore. 

Because of their size, I prefer to wear a bra, for comfort. I don’t actually find going without a bra or some sort of supportive underwear comfortable at all. In fact, I would say that I hate not wearing a bra or well-supporting sports vest type top. I don’t think there has ever been a time since I “got boobs” that I have wanted to go braless. It feels unpleasant and annoying. I sometimes feel envious of women who can and do, but I figure that I am happy as I am and wearing my bras and if they are happy not wearing their bras then it’s all good all around.

Maybe it’s because I am incredibly fussy about my underwear. I love and insist on good quality and well-fitting underwear and I will happily pay for something in a bra that might cost more but means that it fits well washes well looks good under clothes and makes me feel like I am not wearing a bra. In fact, I think if you can get it right, you can invest in bras or underwear that make you not feel like you need to rip them off as soon as you get home. Choose good materials, soft and breathable fabric, think comfort as well as style. You might have to spend more but it’s well worth it. 

i love wearing a bra

Size matters too. Or to be more exact making sure what you are wearing is the right size. Get measured, get fitted. Don’t just wander down to Primark and pick up what you think fits, go and get someone to measure you, and explain what will fit you. 

I also don’t believe that you need to wear ugly underwear just because you have bigger boobs. I refuse to buy the granny-style bras that some companies offer for those of us with bigger chests. I will spend money on nice-looking bras that work for me. I would rather own 2-3 expensive and well-fitted bras than lots of cheap underwear that I need to take off as soon as I can because it doesn’t fit. 

So, I am a proud bra wearer. I don’t think it’s sexist, anti-feminist, or anti-women to say that I like wearing my bra, in fact, I love wearing a bra and I wear them for me, and my comfort and not for anyone else. Fun fact, the husband has never bought me any underwear (other than being sent to get me extra maternity pants after I had a baby) and isn’t allowed to buy me underwear unless he gets exactly what I tell him to get (he bought me sports bras that I asked for, for one birthday) I don’t think he even knows what bra size I am. He is happy if I am comfortable and happy and that’s the way it should be. 

You can see some of the underwear I like and recommend here, here, and here. Just because my boobs are bigger doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy pretty underwear, these days 😉 

Do you, like me, actually like wearing a bra? I can’t be the only one…? 


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  1. Oh my, this is a big jump in size! I can’t be without a bra and have recently rediscovered non wired bras which has made me fall back in love with wearing a bra again.

  2. I’m not too bothered but I’m very small. I have a lot of crops and bralettes now. My babies and breastfeeding kind of ruined me! I do have one nicer padded one!

  3. I have fallen out of love with wired bras! But will wear one when I am going ‘out out’ as I feel happier and a better shape. Those bras in the picture are super pretty

    • I hate bras..not because I find them uncomfortable but because after breastfeeding my chest has completed disappeared and no matter what style I wear I can’t get anything to fit right. I guess there’s no need to wear a bra if you have tiny boobs but I don’t like going braless xx

  4. I feel much more comfortable when I’m not wearing a bra but being big busted it is good to get the support of one when out and about. Non wired ones are my go to as I can’t stand wearing wired ones anymore. Agree that getting the right size is a must.

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