Going to school practice with Melissa & Doug

If you have a little one going to school or going back to school, then you might be getting them prepared. Sorting out the uniform, teaching them to do basics like make sure they can do up their shoes, wash their hands properly, and all the little things that they need to learn to be […]

Nipper Affirmation Cards for children

*We were kindly sent some Nipper Affirmation cards to review and share about* Life can be very challenging for children, and as a parent, it’s my job to help them learn to process life, and navigate it’s challenges as they grow up. Sometimes that can be quite hard, and often it is “learn on the […]

Back to School advice for parents and families

As families prepare to end a long stretch at home, we hope this helpful back to school advice post written by Hannah Tranah, Childcare Development Manager at Storal Nursery is helpful and also reassuring for families as we all face sending our children back into school in the coming weeks. For us, we continue with Year […]

Conservation Crisis Game Giveaway

We shared recently how much we love the Conservation Crisis game and why we think it’s a great game for kids, adults and all the family to play. It’s a thought provoking, challenging, fun and educational game. We have enjoyed playing it as a family and it’s a great homeschool or learning resource too. The […]

Conservation Crisis – fun and thought-provoking.

*This is a review post, we were kindly sent Conservation Crisis to play and share about* We love family games and we are always keen to try new games and combining the fun of a game with an educational and thought-provoking angle is something that Conservation Crisis from Tunza Games does really well. Can take […]

How to Get Your Kids Interested in Learning Languages

*This post with some helpful tips to get your kids interested in learning languages was written in collaboration with Mary Johnson* As parents, aside from raising our kids to be happy and healthy, we also want what is best for them in terms of their futures. For your kids to have prosperous futures and to […]

Screen time limits, what works for us…

This is a post talking about screen time limits and what works for us as a family. As always, what works for us, doesn’t always work or apply to someone else, and as I always say, if it works for you and your family that is best, so if you want to follow our advice […]

Top Trumps with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

*This is a collaborative post with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust* We are big fans of Top Trumps here and always have been. A simple concept, playing against other people. Each person has a pile of cards and they can cover any topic from dinosaurs to famous sports people, each card has facts and figures and you […]

Water fight fun with BunchOBalloons. Getting kids outside

*This is a review post. We were kindly gifted some products* Getting kids outside to play is one of my parenting musts and even when the weather isn’t great we try to get outside every day. Outside time, fresh air, running around, playing games, and having fun are a childhood essential and it’s good for […]

The Good Life Game – self-sustaining family fun…

It’s not often we come across a family game that I will admit to enjoying but The Good Life game has landed in our family home and it’s one that has amused and entertained us and even I will admit it’s a lot of fun to play. Use your wheelbarrow to move around the board […]