Pocket travel game ideas

This is a collaborative post with some pocket travel game ideas from Hachette Board games that are perfect for taking on holiday, for when you are travelling or if you like having a smaller, easy to carry game to hand. (This post contains affiliate links, that if you click on and make a purchase, I […]


Allergy friendly Lime and Coconut cake

This allergy friendly lime and coconut cake is easy to make and contains no dairy, no egg and no gluten so if you are feeding someone who is allergic to eggs or dairy, or is vegan, or who has coeliac disease then it’s a great cake to pull out for them. It’s ingredients are simple […]


Fun craft kits for kids

If you are looking for some fun craft kits for kids, to help them keep busy and take the pressure of you to come up with creative ideas then we have some ideas for you in this collaborative post with Wowow Toys. You can thank me later when the kids are occupied and you get […]


Keeping cool during menopause when it’s hot

This post sharing some tips I have found to help with keeping cool during menopause, may contain affiliate links. These earn me some revenue you if you click and make a purchase. They will be clearly marked with * for your information. Menopause can be a bit of a challenging time, and keeping cool during […]


Using Hibiscrub for tick removal on cats

Ticks are a common parasite that can infest cats, on their skin, but over the years, as a cat owner, I have learned to deal with them and one of my tick removal tricks might surprise you. Ticks are a pest leading to various health issues if not promptly removed. If you live in an […]


David Hockney: Bigger & Closer (not smaller & further away)

This is a collaborative post with Lightroom London and David Hockney: Bigger & Closer (not smaller and further away) One of the world’s most acclaimed and popular living artists, David Hockney has created the launch show for Lightroom, London’s new home for spectacular artist-led shows which is equipped with the latest digital projection and audio technology. […]


Crate recovery for your pet

This post sharing about crate recovery for your pet after surgery or illness. There may be affiliate links contained with that if you click through and make purchase, will earn me a small amount of revenue. These will be marked with * for your reference. There are things that a pet owner may face in […]


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