Smashed potatoes with herb and pecorino

I love potatoes, partly because they are so versatile, cheap and can be used for so many meal combinations, but also because they are comforting, filling and delicious and this recipe for smashed potatoes is easy, and works well as a crowd pleaser but also for adding to family meals. This recipe serves four but […]


Can you travel with pets?

Before I was a pet parent and a parent of children, the idea of travel with pets and kids would have horrified me. But now I am owned by several cats, and the parent of two children, it’s not such a scary thought. Or at least in principal, the concept of taking both animals and […]


One pot chicken, rice and veggies

This one pot chicken recipe, served with rice and veggies, is easy and delicious. It’s great for a simple but filling weeknight meal or for feeding your hungry family. You can adapt it with different veggies and add spice or flavours depending on your tastes and what your family likes. Chicken and rice is a […]


Basic self care for Mums

Self care for mums can come in in many different forms, and as a busy working mum, with some mum experience under my belt, I can tell you three things: All mums, be they full time at work out of the home, part time working, working from home or full time at home, need self […]


Mad Cat Toys for A Mad Cat

If you have a cat, they no doubt (and if they don’t have, why not??) have a glut of cat toys, and if you are like us, they are scattered round the house (I do have cat toy baskets, but Tabitha is like my teenagers and refuses to tidy up after herself in any form) […]


Keeping an indoor cat happy & healthy

Keeping an indoor cat can have it’s challenges but it can be done. We are both indoor and outdoor cat owners so here are some tips and hopefully helpful ideas from us on how to make it work. This post does contain some affiliate links that are marked with * for your reference. If you […]


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