Ideas for super green gifts to give at Christmas

Sharing a guest post By Liesbeth Deddens, Climeworks with some ideas for green gifts to give at Christmas. We think it’s a great idea to think different and go greener with your gifts. Given that our environment is in serious trouble many people will appreciate being given gifts that are super-green.  So, where can you […]


A different kind of Advent calendar

*This is a collaborative post sharing ideas on creating an advent calendar, there may also be affiliate links within this post. Those are marked with (AF)* I love Christmas and getting out the advent calendar is one of my favorite things each year. We have one that was made for us, which I insert chocolate […]


Stocking filler ideas from Buzz Retail

*We were kindly asked to review some fun stocking filler ideas from Buzz Retail. All opinions are our own* If you are looking for some easy and fun stocking filler ideas or something to give as a gift for Christmas (and to be honest, these would be brilliant for kids at other times of the […]


Easy and perfect bubbles bubble mix…

We love bubbles in our house and bubble mix is something I use a lot at work. Bubbles are something most people love. We even had bubbles instead of confetti at our wedding, I love bubbles that much. Bubbles are a great sensory activity for children of all ages and are cheap and easy to […]


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