Helping Teenagers Embrace Sleep Hygiene

*This is a collaborative post sharing some ideas on helping teenagers embrace sleep hygiene* Getting teenagers to go to sleep is often difficult and they may need help to manage their sleep hygiene. Not only do they start having different sleeping patterns, but they start becoming more rebellious and independent-minded, so getting them to do […]


Did you know cats can have allergies too?

Do you know that cats can have allergies too?  I didn’t until recently. I knew cats could get asthma but it never crossed my mind that they could struggle with similar issues that humans face, and be allergic to things. Until our cat came home with an inexplicably swollen face one day and started sneezing, […]


Twenty Years – Looks like we made it?

They say that marriage is hard work. Before I got married I didn’t believe that. Twenty years in, I now know it’s true. Today, twenty years ago. We got married. We agreed to do life together. We actually did it twice…  I guess I would say that we have grown up. Twenty years. Two qualifications, […]


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