Foolproof and delicious chocolate brownies

This recipe is my go-to, for foolproof and delicious chocolate brownies. This is the recipe I pull out when I want to take a treat to someone or make cakes for work. Everyone loves chocolate brownies, I am fairly sure of that. These store for about 72 hours in an airtight tin, and are great […]


Mascne – tips and tricks to avoid it.

Maskne, mascne, or, as dermatologists call them, acne mechanica are different kinds of skin breakouts caused or triggered by the facemasks we all have to wear at the moment. We all have to wear face masks due to Covid19 so it makes sense that we learn to live with them as best we can. There […]


5 Must-Have Items for Cat Loving Households

*We hope this collaborative post on 5 Must-Have Items for Cat Loving Households is helpful to cat owners and future cat owners* Calling all cat lovers out there! We know you’re a special bunch that just can’t get enough of your feline family members, so why not put that love of cats on display with […]


Easy and kid-friendly egg-free fairy cakes

These kid-friendly egg-free fairy cakes are easy for kids to make, and because it’s egg-free it’s suitable for vegans and those with egg allergies. The recipe is from Oggs who have a wide range of delicious cakes available at all good supermarkets. 12Prep time: 20 minutesCook time: 20 minutes Ingredients you will need: 100g caster […]


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