Smoothie recipe…

Today we have a lovely guest post from Chantelle over at MamaMummyMum, and a rather delicious smoothie recipe, which I am going to try on my kids… I’m always trying to get my kids to drink more, especially in the Summer months when it is hot but this can prove difficult sometimes, even I have […]


Are we nearly there yet?

Is a phrase familiar to most parents travelling with children. We have just come back from holiday in France, and we travelled by car, there and back, a long drive, and heard “are we nearly there yet?” a good few times. Travelling with children can be fun, but also challenging for both parents and the […]


Easy peasy omelette recipe…

Omelettes are a quick and easy meal, perfect, I find for the kids, or for myself when I walk into the kitchen and think “eek, I need to feed us, but there’s not a lot in the fridge or I haven’t planned” or as a last minute thing. I know some people get twitchy about […]


Skinnies Silk Skinware for eczema

*This is a review post. All opinions are our own* When I was training as a student nurse in London, I spent time on a Dermatology ward, and learned a lot about various skin conditions, that can cause many problems for children and adults. I worked with children with severe eczema and other issues, and […]


We went to Lollibop

We have never been to a children’s festival before, so we were all a BIT excited when we were invited to Lollibop, the big bash, for little people,  this year. When I told the children that some of their favourite CBeebies presenters and characters would be there, they were delighted. We had orignally planned to […]


Just me – The knee…

This week has not been good. We got back from holiday, feeling all refreshed and happy, and ready to get on with normal life, only to have a few curve-balls thrown our way. I am feeling like our holiday was a million years ago. I am tired, and on the verge of a little blue. […]


Thomas the Brave…

Little Man was extremely excited to go and watch Thomas the Brave, the new Thomas & Friends movie, in London last weekend. He had a total blast at the event, and hasn’t stopped talking about it since. He LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine and watching Thomas & Friends, I won’t share too many spoilers, but […]


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