Cold and flu killer soup….

 When I am sick, I want to eat simple, clean, tasty or spicy foods, and this recipe for Thom Yum Soup, which is a very simple soup with a real kick to it, ideal for clearing out stuffed up sinuses, and the chilli and garlic, I am convinced, help to kill some of the germs! […]


So, do we have an answer….?

Or at least we hope, we have worked out why Small Boy may not be sleeping so well. I am kicking myself, and feel very guilty, that I should have worked it out sooner, but now we know, and hopefully we can work our way to a solution. At Christmas time, Small Boy got flu, […]


When you realise they can read, it’s magic

Parenting has lots of amazing moments, and this is one of mine. When you realise they can read, it’s magic My six-year-old can read… I know most children her age are in the process of learning to read, being taught at home and at school. I have known she could “read”, as in sound out words […]


Gluten and dairy free pancakes

I’ve been asked for this recipe a few times, so thought I would blog about it. It’s a firm favourite in our house, and because it is gluten and dairy free, is good for those with food intolerances or allergies. You can tweak it to suit your needs. Gluten free American Style Pancakes I prefer American style, fluffier, […]


So, what do you do?

When your child is one of those toddlers/children who is feisty,  has a healthy pair of lungs, and is going through that wonderful tantrum stage that those of us who have experienced know so well, and those of us who had children who never went through it, sigh with relief that it’s not their child turning […]


Why we use cloth nappies?

  When people (usually Mum’s, but I have been asked by curious Dad’s, Grandparents and childcare providers) see that my Small boy is wearing a cloth nappy or I happen to mention that we use them, the first questions they ask is: but aren’t they a hassle? Don’t they make life more complicated? How do […]


My thing about Fruit Shoots….?

I have got myself a reputation as a FruitShoot hater. It is common knowledge amongst my friends that I don’t like them and  I will never willingly buy the drink for my children. I however, am NOT one of those parents who swoops down on their child at parties and events and won’t allow them to […]


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