Get Fit Mummy – more knee drama….

Ah, the knee. I can’t get a new one (as much as I wish I could) and what we thought was a relatively simple injury, that could be repaired surgically, is actually much more complicated than either I or the specialists I am seeing, thought. So we THOUGHT it was cartilage damage, and possibly a […]


It’s not my thing, and that’s ok….

So I haven’t done a “therapy” or anxiety update for a while, mainly because my therapy stopped over the summer, and I start again this week but also because I haven’t really had much to share. I have been plodding along, working on some tasks that my therapist had set me, homework like, during this […]


Silent Sunday

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Weekly Round Up…

This week has been really quite on the blogging front. I took a few days off, and have really not written or shared much. I wanted to spend some time with Little Man before he started school, on Thursday, and was feeling quite sore and emotional about it and didn’t want to bog the blog […]


Dear Teacher….

This lovely little poem by Emma from MotherHood for Slackers just about sums up how I feel about a certain little boy starting school today. She kindly agreed to me sharing it on the blog. She writes some fabulous poems and musings on motherhood and parenting, if you want to take a peek at her […]


This boy…

Starts school tomorrow. He is ready. His mummy isn’t sure that she is ready. She knows it has to happen, she knows she needs to let go, but all she can think is “my baby, who needed me so much, is going to be out there on his own”. She knows she’s being emotional, she […]


New specs!!

I managed to break my glasses recently, a very annoying and inconvenient thing. I didn’t have time to organise an opticians appointment for a new pair, and I knew it wasn’t likely they could be mended, given how they had broken (the leg snapped off, because I trod on them, where they had fallen on […]


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