Arms length

Yes, I have been holding a lot of my friends & family at arms length. There has been a withdrawal, a boundary, that I have let few people past. It’s still there, I just need time. I don’t often post about my mental health, because, to be honest, whilst I want to share, be open […]


A Sleep Hotel?

Is there such a thing as a sleep hotel for tired parents? This is part a tongue in cheek post, but part serious… I was going to blog about our sleep issues, again, because frankly, I am tired and the sleep situation here is frankly probably what the United Nations would consider a form of […]


Saturday is Fake Pox Sat Cap day…

So I left a certain small boy unattended for approximately 3 minutes to go the toilet, when I came back, he had managed to get hold of a Sharpie pen (and they aren’t joking when they say this stuff does not rub off or even smudge, their marketing campaign is spot on there…) and give […]


Are you on the organ donor register?

Are you on the organ donor register? Would you be willing to sign up, to give life to someone else? Have you told your friends and family what you want to happen, should the question of organ donation arise? This week is Transplant Week. Raising awareness of the need for more people to register as […]


Gluten Free, Dairy, easy banana bread recipe

This is a very easy, all in one bowl, cheat by using parchment paper, gluten free, dairy free banana bread that literally disappears almost as soon as it is cool enough to eat. I am not actually that fond of bananas, although I don’t mind them in other foods. My children won’t eat bananas in […]


Get Fit Mummy – the knee and tea

This week’s Get Fit Mummy is a mixed bag. An update on my knee, not so good news, and a detox tea that I am trying, but I have lost weight so it’s not all bad…. So this week, after almost 7 days of reducing my processed carbs, little or no sugar, and one day […]


Am I wrong? Ofsted Job Nominations

Am I wrong to think that a person who has donated a vast amount of money to the conservative party, who has limited experience of actually working in schools, and ran Carphone Warehouse as his last major job role, is NOT a suitable candidate for the job of being in charge of the team at […]


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