Loom band loathing?

So I am about to confess something that will horrify millions of people…. I don’t like Loom Bands! I have managed to avoid getting any, or being given any, for the children (or me) since the craze started. But, unfortunately, LSH was given a packet, on Saturday, and so now, dooooom… We have Loom Bands […]


Anyone for a Pimms Ice Lolly?

I know there are lots of recipes for Pimms ice lollies out there, but this is my tried and tested, tweaked a few times one. I am not an ice lolly fan, but it’s been very hot and sticky here, this past week, so I broke out the Pimms, this weekend and made my famous […]


Second time round…

I thought, that sending Little Man off into the big wide world of school, doing the whole starting school thing, second time round, would be easier. Nope, it’s not. Little Man had his “induction day” at school today. He spent some time in his new Reception classroom, with the teacher and classroom assistant that will […]



I am generally a parent who is proud of my children. Sometime they do drive me a bit batty, and sometimes I wonder how on earth I will ever get this parenting malarkey right, or help them to be who they are meant to be, but generally, I look at them in amazement, and wonder […]


Get Fit Mummy – More on the knee….

Welcome to my weekly weight loss link up, Get Fit Mummy. Sharing how I am doing, and also a link up for anyone wanting to share their fitness goals, achievements or weight loss updates. It’s called Get Fit Mummy, but you don’t have to be a Mummy to join, anyone is welcome… This week, I […]


A trip to London Zoo

So recently, we went as a family to London Zoo. I had not been to the zoo, itself, for a long time, in fact, the last time we went, I think I was still pregnant with Little Man so it was a fun day out, but I have some thoughts on our visit. The last […]


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