Am I wrong? Ofsted Job Nominations

Am I wrong to think that a person who has donated a vast amount of money to the conservative party, who has limited experience of actually working in schools, and ran Carphone Warehouse as his last major job role, is NOT a suitable candidate for the job of being in charge of the team at […]


The problem with the colour pink?

Actually, I don’t have a problem with pink, I adore the colour pink, and I think the world has gotten it’s knickers in a knot about a colour… (I am slightly notorious, can you tell what my favourite accessory colour might be??) Ardent feminists will tell you that pink is a problem, that by dressing […]


SatCap is a bit wet today….

Because someone let a  certain Little Man loose with a very large fire hose… I realise it is slightly cheating to use three photos, but you have to see the full effect. You should have seen the look on his face… I bet there is a SatCap for this photo? Don’t forget to hop over […]


A rookie parenting mistake…?

This is the blog post, where I confess that I have made a parenting oops, and what some would see as a rookie parenting mistake and talk about children and sleep. You know you have missed my posts about sleep…. I guess it depends on your point of view and how you parent your children, […]


Creative Kids – Fire Station!

This week, one of the mum’s in Little Man’s nursery, organised for all the nursery children, and the reception class, to take turns to visit our local Fire Station. I went with them, as a helper (and possibly because I might also like fire engines…) We walked all the way there, and then spent in […]


Four is Fun…

Four, I am rediscovering, and also remembering, is a fun, fantastic and also frustrating age. I remember, when Big Girl was turning two, being told “oh, you have the terrible two’s ahead of you, good luck with that, just you wait” because she was an easy toddler, but the expectation was that she would turn […]


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