Climb a volcano….?

I have always joked that I would like to climb a volcano one day, I happen to have a bit of a thing for all things volcanic, and I would love to see one in real  life, and last night over dinner, LSH and I were talking, and I had a moan about my age, […]


SatCap – what did the meercat say?

I am not sure what was being said, between these meercats. One was perched on his post, the others were sat in a corner in the shade, at Battersea Children’s Park this week, when I snapped these shots, but they were chuntering away to each other. Then pop along to the lovely MummyBarrow who is […]


You are not your age…

I am 38 today. I am slowly realising that is just a number. The poem below says it best. I have to remind myself, constantly. You are not your age, Nor the size of the clothes you wear, You are not a weight, Or the color of your hair. You are not your name, Or […]


My hair doesn’t like shampoo.

Or to be more exact, my scalp doesn’t like shampoo, so I have been experimenting with less hair washing and alternative methods of keeping my hair clean and my scalp healthy…. We have all seen the adverts, billboards and glossy pages in magazines, telling us to use x brand of shampoo, or conditioner, to make […]


Creative Kids – Photo frames and sock snakes

This week, I can take no responsibility for the beautiful creations my children present, in our Creative Kids post. Big Girl’s contribution is a picture frame she made at school. I can say that I did help, with this, because she actually made it, with the rest of her class, with me, during my weekly […]


Myeloma Awareness Week 2014

My mother, died of complications from treatment of Multiple Myeloma, in 1994, almost 20 years ago. Today research, treatments and care for patients with Myeloma has changed and improved beyond what was available when she was diagnosed. This week, my birthday week, is Myeloma Awareness week. As you can imagine,  I feel very passionately about […]


Yes, I play games on my phone!

I am not ashamed to admit it, yes I play games on my phone!  Look, it’s Candy Crush, and Hay Day, are you recoiling in horror or do you like me, enjoy the occasional game on your phone and Facebook…?  I have written before about playing games on my phone, and for a time, I […]


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