Just me – doing nothing…

  I don’t often “do nothing”. I live a fairly busy life, between parenting and home life, working part time in my day job, blogging, writing for other publications, and a fair amount of voluntary work, I am usually pretty busy. I am not a person who actually enjoys doing nothing. My brain likes to […]


What we are reading this week…

Reading is a very important skill, and as a family we try to encourage reading together, when the children are small, and then independant reading, as they grow older although both my children still love being read to and I love reading with them. I also love to read, myself and finding the time to […]


I Love Where I Live – September

Welcome to I love where I live. A monthly blog link up. I love where I live, and love sharing photos of spots we like, places we frequent and things that inspire me. I am very luck to live in a place with lots of different things to take photos of. I thought this linky […]


Please stop whining!

A familiar phrase, that, I am sure most parents, even those amongst us who claim to be perfect and have the most well behaved children,  have uttered either at our children, under our breaths, or even at our tired and long suffering spouse (yes, LSH has, on occasion, had to ask me to stop whining […]


Saturday is all a goggle Sat Cap Day…

Because googles are the latest outdoor, waiting for a lift accessory, don’t you know? Sat Cap away and then head over to Keynko.com where Mary is hosting Sat Cap this weekend… I am off school uniform shopping and to see my physiotherapist for some torture (sorry, I mean treatment, on the “the knee”) I am […]


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