Give me an hour…

After some reflection and thought whilst on holiday and a chat with the children, we have come to a deal, with how we will manage our time, in this long summer holiday. They want to spend time with me. They know that what I do on the blog is becoming more of a job now, […]


When you want to do something…

When you want to do something, something you have felt you could do, if you put your mind and effort into it, something that other people have told you you should do, but you have brushed off their suggestions, because you are scared, and your confidence in your own talent and abilities is low. When […]


Freckles on my hands…

I have freckles on my hands. Does this mean I am getting older? Or maybe, rather more optimisitcally, it’s a positive thing that my body has absorbed some sunshine, this past ten days of holiday, and is showing me signs of this. (I never tan, I just slowly go from blue white skin tone, to […]


Potato & courgette gratin with goats cheese

Potatoes, goats cheese and courgettes go very well together in this simple potato & courgette gratin, that’s easy to make, and tastes great. You can substitute any cream/grating cheese you want, instead of goats cheese but it really does work well in this recipe. You need: 2 medium courgettes, washed and chopped into 1/2 inch […]


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