Parsnip, Carrot and Sweet Potato soup

We are big fans of soup and this Parsnip, Carrot and Sweet Potato soup is easy to make, very budget-friendly and can be made vegan or vegetarian. My kids love it and it also can be frozen to pull out when you need something filling and warming. *This post does contain an affiliate link, marked […]


Delicious vegan lemon cake from Oggs

*I love lemon cake so was delighted to review this vegan lemon cake from Oggs. All opinions are our own* I do bake a lot, and when I want to pull out a lemon cake, I have a recipe I use for birthdays and events that is tried and tested. But sometimes I don’t want […]


Gorgeous pet prints from West & Willow

*We are delighted to be reviewing a gorgeous pet print from West & Willow. All opinions are our own* I am always on the look out for fun things to decorate our home with or to create a quirky feature that is eye catching, and if it involves something cat related then that’s all the […]


Blogging is hard work but worth it.

*This is a collaborative post sharing why blogging is part of my life and always will be* This blog is now almost 11 years old and I have been blogging for a long time. It’s almost like my third child, having started writing as a way of getting my feelings out when motherhood felt really […]


Get Mum Fit – back on the horse again

Welcome to Get Fit Mum and me getting back on the horse. Not literally, of course, because we don’t own a horse and I haven’t ridden a horse for a long time. But, me sharing about getting myself into better shape, again, after a long, long period of being inactive first due to knee surgery […]


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