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Sat Cap – Layla is not amused!

Poor Layla. She puts up with an awful lot, struggles to find peaceful, child free spots to nap, and has to demand food, because sometimes in the madness, I forget if I have actually served the cats their meals at the right times, and she was forced to go to the vets last week, which […]



That’s a funny word, and it can mean a lot of things. I am homesick. I know, that quite a few people will read that, and think “how can you be homesick, you are at home, surely?” Let me explain. I am 1/2 Scottish. My Mum was Scottish. Whilst for the early part of my […]


Ranty Friday, or maybe not?

I normally post a rant on a Friday, I supposed this is a bit ranty, so lets call it that. I find the whole thing commercialised, and excessive. I have had a number of e-mails from various companies that I subscribe too, suggesting expensive and over the top gifts for Valentines day to “show them […]


Guest Post from Rachael Cherry from NannyPro

Does Your Children’s Art Decorate Your Walls? Millions of families around the world decorate the walls of their homes with art, photography and family pictures. When you look at your walls, are they covered in extravagant pieces of art that catch a person’s eye? Do you feel a connection with the pieces that adorn your […]


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