Pick up that POO!!

You knew you had to come and read the rest of this blog post, with a title like that, didn’t you?  It’s not as gross as it sounds, or maybe it is.  Dog Poo, that’s my little rant for this week… As you may have read, here, or if you follow us on social media, […]


I sang along to Frozen, yes I did!

I think it has to be said, that very few people, especially those with small children, have not watched Frozen, a time or two, and probably know all the words to the songs. I know I do, and LSH does, and my children can sing all the songs with gusto. So, a trip to watch […]


Our week in photos – is that a reindeer?

Welcome to our week in photos. Little snippets from Facebook and Instagram, of the madness in our week. Usually there’s a cat, coffee and food of some sort thrown in for good measure. This week, we have a doggie house-guest. It’s been interesting, having a dog about the place. Little Man LOVES dogs and would […]


Silent Sunday

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What I’m reading this week…

This week has been challenging, with lots of things going on, both at home and in other areas of our lives, a stomach bug has made 1/2 term less fun for certain household members and it’s not all gone as planned.  However, I have had some light relief, and am enjoying these books, by the […]


Love tea?

It’s a well known fact that I love my coffee, and it’s always my favourite beverage, but as part of my bedtime routine, I often opt for a calming, soothing herbal tea, to help relax me before I go to sleep.  Having a calming, gentle bedtime, and making sure you are as ready to sleep […]


I don’t work for free…

Or to put it another way, this blog is not a free advertising platform for your business that is making far more revenue than I ever will…. Ok, that sounds harsh and probably a bit petty. I will clarify. I do host and post blog posts that are paid for, and I am scrupulous about […]


Our week in photos – tummy bugs are evil!

Welcome to our week in photos. Little snippets from our week, taken from Instagram and Facebook. Usually some coffee and cats thrown in for good measure… This week, I managed to come down with an evil stomach bug. I felt very unwell for a day, then took a few days to feel human again. Thankfully […]


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