Delicious and rich chocolate orange cake

This is an easy but incredibly delicious chocolate orange cake that will impress everyone, who doesn’t love a chocolate cake with hint of orange? It’s simple to make and can be iced or simply served dusted with coco powder or icing sugar. It never lasts long when I make it.  You will need: 250 g […]


So, she wants to play the violin….

Big Girl, had a trial violin lesson, at school a few weeks ago, and was very excited by the idea of playing the violin, and has been asking if she can have lessons. The school, seems to have pushed the idea quite hard, and sent several letters home, with details of lessons and offering a […]


A thoroughly depressing scientific breakthrough!

I am usually excited by scientific discoveries, especially when they mean the world is closer to finding a cure for diseases like AIDS or cancer, or new treatments or genetic code breakthroughs, that mean we understand diseases or conditions better, and why they happen. I am fascinated by the human body, how it works, and […]


What are grommets for ear infections?

Our son had minor surgery, when he was three years old. During this surgery a tiny, almost funnel shaped piece of plastic was inserted into each of his ear canals. These are called grommets, in non medical speak. They saved his hearing and improved his ear health, and made a huge difference to his life, […]


Parenting advice drives me MAD!

It’s not Ranty Friday yet, but it’s my blog, so I will rant on another day of the week if I want to! Actually, parenting advice doesn’t drive me mad, I have had some fabulous advice and support, from friends, family, Twitter, Facebook and here, on all manner of parenting things, and there are some […]


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