Fuss Free, delicious curry from Spice Pots

*This is a review post, with Spice Pots who kindly sent us some of their products to try* Curry is one of our favourite meal “types” in our home. The children love a milder but tastier curry, I love any kind that resonates taste and spice and the husband loves something with a little heat […]


Gluten-free strawberry crumble recipe

This recipe for Gluten-free strawberry crumble is easy and you can actually use any fruit you like, but we opted for strawberries as they were freshly picked and in season. I have to confess I have never made a crumble before until recently, but this recipe is dedicated to the mum of a good friend […]


Easy homemade Homemade borscht recipe

Borscht, just the word sounds good to me, and the classic soup made of beetroot is world-famous. There are many ways to make it and it traditionally an Eastern European soup, and there are lots of different recipes out there. I happen to have children who whilst they are not keen on beetroot in it’s […]


Menopause – the dreaded M word!

Elaine from Early Retirement Rocks has kindly shared her experience and some thoughts on menopause. Something all women have to face, and I must admit from my point of view, something I have been in denial about. Hormones and don’t see eye to eye. Menopause – the dreaded M word! Or at least it is […]


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