Games to play at home. Ideas from MentalUp

MentalUP is a great app that we love, and they have come up with some ideas for games to play to keep everyone busy… During lockdown and social distancing, it is impossible to bring children together on playdates with their friends, so here is a list of games, including some old-school, nostalgic games to play […]

4 Great Indoor Games To Play With The Kids

Some days it will be raining, or snowing, or you’ll just not particularly want to leave the house. However, your children will still want to have some fun. If you want to stop them from getting bored, there are dozens of different games you can think up to keep everyone occupied. Here are some examples […]

Skye Tales – a great introduction to computer games

I was kindly asked to review Skye Tales and share why I think it’s a great computer game for introducing your child to a computer game, without some of the side effects that gaming can have. As a parent of a child with ADHD, who struggles to manage the stress and overstimulation that screen time […]

Old school computer card games

*This is a collaborative post sharing why I love old school computer card games* I like to think I am, as I tease my teenager “down with the kids” and aware of technology, what’s trending and what’s cool. I love gadgets and anything that makes my life easier, or run more smoothly and we tend […]

Golden Bear Toys – Trapped Exit Room Games

*We were kindly sent some Trapped Exit Room Games to review. All opinions are our own* As a family we love creative games and enjoy playing games that challenge us and make us think. These Trapped Escape Room Games from Golden Bear Toys are brilliant for that and handy to pull out for a rainy […]

Trapped Escape Room Games – win a set

We are huge fans of games that challenge our family and make us think and compete against each other and escape room games are a particular favorite of ours. I am not a fan in real life but games, where we can play at home, are brilliant fun, and easy to play and get the […]

Foul Play – The Murder Mystery Card Game

*We love games in our house and are delighted to share about Foul Play, a murder mystery card game. We were kindly sent a game to review at home* Foul Play is an easy to play game that you can enjoy with friends and family and perfect if you love murder, mystery, “who dunnit” and […]

Got It Learning – fast-paced reading fun games

*this is a review post, we were kindly sent some Got It Learning cards to review and share about* As a homeschooling parent, I am always on the lookout for fun activities to help with learning and these fun card games from Got It Learning are a great addition to your learning resources and are […]

How to start playing hockey – a guide for parents & kids

*I loved playing hockey at school, and hope that this collaborative post is helpful, if you have children who are interested in learning to play* If your child is starting to show an interest in hockey, you’ve got good reason to feel encouraged, as playing hockey is an especially child-friendly pastime. Hockey – or “field […]